Is this the correct Samsung software update?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

We are continuing to provide software updates for an even more improved and optimized user experience.

To maintain optimized usability, keep the software updated at all times using the method below

How to update / check if your devices software is up to date.
1 Go into your Settings on your mobile device.
2 Scroll down and select Software Update
3 Click into Download and Installation this will show you if your software is up to date or if it needs to be updated

In addition, caution is required as there are cases of unauthorized distribution of apps that provide software updates for Samsung smartphones that prompt users to pay for updates.

We do not provide software updates under any circumstances other than via your mobile phone, PC smart switch or through one of our official service centre's.

Most importantly, we do not distribute software updates through specific apps from online sites (Internet or SNS, etc) or the Google Play Store. 

Providing our software upgrade services through online websites or specific apps without our consent falls under illegal copyright infringement.

Downloading and installing software through these illegal apps may cause problems on your product. Be careful to avoid damage to your device or security leaks resulting from the use of illegal services (especially from paid services).

Our official software is distributed along with relevant details through "Software Update" in your mobile phone. You can also check in the Notices section of the Samsung Members app.

For all other queries or for further technical assistance, please call Samsung Customer Care on 0800 726 786 or Live Chat with our Technical Team online, services are open 24 hours, 7 days.

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