What is Dual Capture on the Samsung Galaxy S9+?

Last Update Date : Apr 24. 2018
Dual Camera



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Please note: Dual Capture is only available on the Galaxy S9+.


What is Dual Capture?

Dual Capture is a new camera feature specifically designed for the Galaxy S9+ to capture a live focus image zoomed in on the subject and a photo with a wide angle background, all in one shot. Dual Capture is turned ON while you take a live focus photo (with the telephoto camera), the main camera also takes a photo simultaneously.

As a result, the user can achieve:

1.  Object-oriented out-of-focus photos (portrait)

2.  Photos containing backgrounds (portrait + background)


How to use Dual Capture on Galaxy S9+

1.  Launch the Camera app > Tap LIVE FOCUS.

2.  Make sure the Dual Capture feature is activated. Both live focus and normal photos will be saved.

3.  Tap the camera shutter button to take a shot.


How to view Dual Captured Photos on Galaxy S9+

1.  Select a photo taken with the Dual Capture feature.

2.  Tap WIDE ANGLE to view the photo with a wide-angle background.

3.  Tap CLOSE UP to return to the photo with the focus on the subject.

4.  To save the photo as another file, tap the 'More' icon (three dots vertically aligned) and tap 'Save as new file'.

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