TV when it's on, ART when it's off

The Frame, 2018

Electricity consumption occurs in Art Mode
Samsung 2018 The Frame TV is in a cozy room. Being on a studio stand, the TV looks just like a real picture frame.

Enhance your living space with a truly artistic TV that reflects your style and fits your space. In fact, it’s more than just a TV because The Frame is designed to make every moment in your space beautiful. It also boasts top-tier picture quality, with stunning 4K UHD TV. Discover more and fill your wall with Samsung the Frame TV.

The Frame pattern

Enhance your space with art

The Frame Content

The Frame is hanging on the wall displaying artwork. One side of the room has a bookshelf and a family is sitting on a couch having fun.

Beautiful in every moment

The Frame Design

The Frame is displaying artwork and is mounted on the wall along with other works of art.

Experience 4K UHD TV

The Frame 4K UHD TV

A boy in a green raincoat is holding a yellow polka dot umbrella and walking along a stand of trees.

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** The images are simulated and for illustrative purposes only.

Key Specifications

*Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice. Internet connection required. Subscription fees apply. The art pieces available for display may differ from that shown.
**4K UHD content required. Picture quality may vary depending on source content.
*** One Clear Connection is a single cable connecting the TV to a One Connect Box integrating external device cables and power cable.
* The key specifications vary by region and size.

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The Frame TV


2018 Samsung The Frame TV, 49-inch model

The Frame TV



The Frame TV



The Frame TV