Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Growth

We create the future by fostering a diverse culture to drive sustainable growth.

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Be yourself, we build a better tomorrow

At Samsung, we believe that innovation and growth
are driven by an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce.
We aim to create a global team where everyone belongs and has equal opportunities,
inspiring our talent to be their true selves. 
Together, we are building a better tomorrow
for our customers, partners and communities.

People at Samsung

Because our employees bring different
experiences and perspectives to Samsung,
they allow us to build a better tomorrow.

  • Hyemi Kim

  • Server Software / Korea

  • “ I always have been able to work in an environment where the same opportunity was guaranteed. ”

  • Nash Gammill

  • Business Planning & Operation / USA

  • “ Leading the Equality Alliance has been among the most fulfilling work in my career. I’ll be forever grateful for the relationships forged and experiences shared in our continuous pursuit of diversity and equality. ”

  • Chris Lezama

  • Product Marketing / USA

  • “ Starting the Galaxy of Black Professionals ERG has been one of the highlights of my time at Samsung and one of my most proud moments. ”

  • Linda Kromjong

  • HR Management / Netherlands

  • “ Driving diversity and inclusion delivers better results. All views matter. All our views matter. Together we can make a difference. ”

  • Alex Aldoescu

  • HR Management / Romania

  • “ I consider diversity a personal mission that should be embraced by each one of us, so we can build a better tomorrow for our children. ”

  • Shilpa Puri

  • Integrated Marketing Communications / India

  • “ Living with change as the only constant, seeing the big picture and handling a diverse group of ideas in a culture that promotes innovation, creation and collaboration seamlessly across functions has been an exhilarating learning experience. ”

  • Abraham Llandez

  • Market Intelligence / Mexico

  • “ Working in Samsung has helped me to break the barriers of traditional living and to express myself just the way I am without any prejudice. ”

  • Hlubi Shivanda

  • Business Process Innovation / South Africa

  • “ I believe Samsung Electronics is a true advocate and example for diversity and inclusion as the company operates in many different markets and has an appreciation for diverse cultures and backgrounds. ”

Employee Resources Groups (ERGs)

We believe that fostering diversity is essential to continued innovation.
Diversity networking groups are now being established so employees can connect in the interest of furthering
professional development and creating inclusive culture.

* At Samsung, there are various ERGs like gender, LGBTQA+, race, working parents, veterans, etc. in different regions.

  • ERGs Next Generation Leaders logo
  • ERGs Military Appreciation group logo
  • ERGs Equality Alliance logo
  • ERGs Galaxy of Black Professionals logo
  • ERGs Woman In Samsung Electronics logo
  • ERGs Veterans Community logo
  • ERGs Working Parents Logo
  • ERGs Woman+ In Samsung Electronics Logo
  • ERGs Samsung ads women+ Logo
  • ERGs Women in Technology at Samsung logo
  • ERGs w+ Samsung logo
  • ERGs Samsung Leaders of Tomorrow logo

Other Initiatives

We run various D&I programs to foster an inclusive workplace culture.

  • Seoul Sisters

  • The North America Region Seoul Sisters Conference was created in June 2017, to support women development. The conference location rotates from sub to sub to give employees an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas.

  • D&I Week

  • We hold various diversity events such are mentoring, volunteering programs, and culture events in various regions to celebrate diversity holidays including international Women’s day, and International Day of PwDs.

  • D&I Campaign

  • To help our global employees to understand what D&I is, we have been running D&I Campaigns on topics as unconscious bias, microaggression, etc.

  • Braille Business Cards

  • In Mexico, we developed braille business cards for the visually impaired, and boosted employee awareness and a culture of respect through a variety of workshops and conferences.

  • Mommy Room

  • We installed rest areas for pregnancy and breast-feeding in all our production subsidiaries. We have established various policies and facilities to support child-birth and childcare.

  • STEM Education

  • Not only in Korea, but in other regions like U.S., Canada, Spain, Poland, and China, we hold a number of events designed to help women to develop their skills and capabilities in the field of technology.

Learning & Development

We’re empowering our people to drive change both at Samsung and within our greater society.

At Samsung, we provide our people with growth and development opportunities to become the best and most inclusive leaders.
That includes building awareness to broaden perspectives, reframing mindsets to enhance objectivity, and practicing inclusion to unlock innovation.

Reframe Mindset
Recognizing the value of
diversity within a team
Build Awareness
Realizing the importance of Diversity
& Inclusion from a business perspective
Developing diverse and inclusive
relationships to lead change
Leader Level
Guide for team leaders to cultivate
an inclusive culture through diversity
Personal Level
Learning about oneself and others
Team Level
Develop diverse and
inclusive relationships

Women at Samsung

We are committed to nurture next generation of women leaders,
by supporting women talents who are excelling in their fields.

Global Women

Global Women (%)




Overall 43.2 40.2 37.3
Job functions Tech (%) 17.2 17.5 18.0
Sales and Marketing (%) 30.8 31.2 31.5
Leadership Executives (%) 6.3 6.5 6.6
Managers (%) 14.2 14.7 15.3

External Recognition & Awards

Our effort in diversity already had begun.

  • Korea

  • Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and family

  • Family-friendly company


  • USA

  • Forbes

  • the Best Employers for Diversity


  • SEA

  • Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index

  • Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality


  • SECA

  • MediaCorp Magazine

  • Canada's Top Employer for Young People


  • SAS

  • Texas Department of State Health Services

  • Mother Friendly Workplace


  • SAS

  • STEM Workforce Diversity Magazine

  • Top 50 Employers