Committed to Quality

We learned from the Galaxy Note7 issues and have made changes as a result. From reassessing every step of our smartphone manufacturing process to redesigning our quality assurance program, we are committed to implementing every learning to ensure the quality and safety going forward.

What Happened

  • Illustration of Galaxy Note7 with warning message symbolizing incident occurrence
    Incidents Reported

    We began to get reports of issues with the Galaxy Note7 in September, 2016.

  • Illustration representing Samsung’s replacement program
    Replacement Program Initiated

    We quickly took action, launching the global product replacement program.

  • Illustration representing halting of production
    Production Halted

    After reporting of issues with the replacement devices, we decided to end production of the Galaxy Note7 permanently.

  • Illustration symbolizing 96% return rate of devices
    Return Rate To-Date

    96% of Galaxy Note7s have been returned out of the 3 million sold.

Our Investigation

  • Illustration symbolizing tests performed by engineers to determine cause
    Massive Internal Investigation

    We assembled 700 engineers who completed months of testing on more than 200,000 devices and 30,000 batteries.

  • Illustration representing Samsung’s request for an external analysis by independent third party expert organizations
    Third Party Analysis

    We also asked three industry expert organizations – UL, Exponent and TÜV Rheinland – to provide us with objective analysis.

  • Illustration of clipboard symbolizing re-assessment of all processes
    Re-Assessment of All Processes

    Then we reviewed every aspect of our process, from hardware, software, assembly, testing to logistics in detail.

  • Illustration of Galaxy Note7 with battery icon representing findings
    Our Findings

    Finally, it was concluded that the batteries had been the cause of the issues.

Why it Won’t Happen Again

  • Illustration representing Samsung’s overhaul of quality assurance process to ensure quality comes first
    Quality First

    We’ve improved process throughout the company to make sure quality and safety always come first.

  • Illustration representing the development of 8-Point Battery Safety Check
    8-Point Battery Safety Check

    We developed an extensive battery check protocol to ensure safety of the battery from component to complete device.

  • Illustration symbolizing safety improvements on the battery with multi-layer safety measure
    Multi-Layer Safety Measure

    We also improved the safety standards of our batteries, from hardware design to software protection.

  • Illustration representing the formation of Samsung’s battery committee
    Battery Advisory Group

    We have invited a team of experts from academia and research centers so they can continue to provide us with their objective analysis to ensure the safety of the battery.

Video discussing why the Galaxy Note7 battery incident occurred
Video discussing why the Galaxy Note7 battery incident occurred