Perfect for Each Family Member

Perfect for Each Family Member
The Showcase is also clearly divided into 3 zones for each family member, so it’s easy for everyone to find what they want. There’s the Cooking Zone, perfect for storing mom’s frequently used condiments and sauces. There’s the Family Zone, perfect for keeping drinks and snacks that everybody loves. And of course, there’s the Kid Zone, perfect for storing the little one’s yummy and healthy snacks!

Restores Cold Air Faster

Restores Cold Air Faster
The Food Showcase Refrigerator’s Metal Cooling guard on the inside of the front door helps maintain the optimal temperature within the fridge, so food stays fresh, even if you frequently open and close the Show Case door. The metal retains the cold air and its good thermal conductivity quickly restores any heat loss when the door is closed again. This way, the food you love is preserved longer.

Timeless & Chic Design

Timeless & Chic design
Its refined, premium style, with a classic solid metal finish and ice blue display, brings elegance to any modern kitchen. Its counter-depth design works in harmony with your kitchen and doesn’t stick out or need any special installation.

Evenly Cools Every Corner

Evenly Cools Every Corner
Unlike conventional refrigerators with a single cooling outlet, the Food Showcase Refrigerator has an innovative All-Around Cooling system that evenly cools every corner of the fridge. Cold air is blown out through multiple outlets at every shelf level, which maintains the optimal temperature inside the Ref so that food stays fresher longer.

Adjustable Storage

Adjustable storage
The Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator’s Slide & Fold Shelf gives you extra flexibility when storing your food and drinks. It slides in and out and can be easily folded up to accommodate items with various sizes, including larger bottles or tall, bulky containers. This way, space inside your fridge is maximized and you can enjoy a smarter, more convenient means to organize and store your food.

Simply more space

Simply more space
The Food Showcase’s Deep Drawers provide additional storage space in both the fridge and freezer areas. Its overall size is deeper and bigger, so it’s much easier to put in and take out food, as well as store larger items.
Metal Cooling Panel

Metal Cooling Panel

Auto Ice Maker

Ice Maker


Net Total(Liter)


Net Case Height with Hinge(mm)

  • 605  Net Total(Liter)
  • 1,774  Net Case Height with Hinge(mm)
  • 721  Net Depth with Door Handle(mm)
  • 149  Net Weight(kg)
  • 912  Net Width(mm)
  • All Around Cooling Cooling Type
  • A++ Energy Efficiency Class

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