[Windows 8] Want to know about SideSync.

Last Update Date : Jan 08. 2018


SideSync allows users to use the PC’s keyboard and mouse to control and

toggle between their smartphone and their PC.

Users can easily copy, paste, drag and drop files between their PC and

smartphone, enabling them to view and edit the files anytime and anywhere.


You can switch between the computer and the smartphone with the same mouse

operation. Using the keyboard, enter text on the smartphone as quick and

convenient as on the computer. And View the virtual smartphone screen on the

computer. Directly run the app on the virtual smartphone screen, and chat or

send messages.





    Let's Install SideSync



Ensure that the SideSync is installed on both a Samsung PC and Samsung

smartphone before installing SideSync.


The SideSync software program comes with the Samsung ATIV PC.

If this isn’t the case, use SW Update to install SideSync on the

Samsung ATIV PC.




Ensure that both SideSync and Phone Screen Sharing are installed

on the smartphone. Download them from Samsung Apps , and install them.





    Let's use SideSync



Use the USB cable or use Wi-Fi to connect between the

PC and the smartphone.


If using the USB


① Connect between the computer and the smartphone using the

     USB cable.




② On the smartphone, run the SideSync app.

     If you are prompted to allow USB debugging, press OK to activate

     USB debugging mode.


③ When the window below appears on the computer, select a

     connection method and press OK.





If using Wi-Fi


① To connect between the computer and the smartphone in

     Wi-Fi mode, ensure that both devices are connected to the same AP.


② Access the Charms → Settings → Network connection .

     Select an AP, and press Counnect.




③ Select the same AP as the one that you registered on

     the smartphone.


④ On the desktop, run SideSync .

     When the window below appears, select Available Devices.





SideSync connection is complete.







    Sharing the keyboard and mouse.




On the SideSync program of the PC, click Keyboard & Mouse Sharing.

And on the SideSync app of the smartphone, press Start.






When the Keyboard & Mouse Sharing function is activated, the

SideSync screen disappears from both the PC and the smartphone.




Move the mouse pointer outside of the PC screen.

The mouse pointer moves to the smartphone screen. Click to run the

app on the smartphone, or enter text using the keyboard.


To change the movement direction of the mouse pointer


① On the task bar, click SideSync .


② Click Device Position.

     Click an image corresponding to the direction on the smartphone,

     or select a direction from the dropdown box.

     The movement direction of the mouse pointer will be

     changed accordingly.





    Sharing the phone screen.




On the SideSync program of the PC, click Phone Screen Sharing.

And on the Phone Screen Sharing app of the smartphone, press Start.





When the Phone Screen Sharing function is activated, the smartphone

screen appears on the PC screen as shown.

Use the keyboard or mouse to control the smartphone on the PC screen.


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