Control Panel is not working right

Last Update Date : Jan 08. 2018

[Related Symptom]

If buttons don’t work as intended, Cooling problem possibly happen.


1. In case of buttons malfunction, PCB panel might be rusty by moisture.

2. In case of no display after installation, possibly PBA panel is not well connected or damaged.

3. In case of wrong temperature display, possibly door opens so inside temperature goes up over setting temperature.


Case 1) Control Panel Is Not Illuminated

    If the control panel is not illuminated, unplug the refrigerator for 30 seconds to reset it. If the control panel is still not lit up after you plug the refrigerator back in, it may has connection problem

    ( In this case, you need to get a service.)

Case 2) Buttons On Control Panel Are Not Working

    If the buttons on the control panel are not working, the panel is most likely in Child Lock mode. To unlock the panel buttons, press and hold the Child Lock button for 3 seconds, until you hear a chime. (If your model doesn’t have a child Lock button, Press fridge temperature key and Power Fridge Key (or Vacation Key) simultaneously for 3 sec, It will be on. → To cancel it, do the same again)

    If releasing the child lock does not correct the problem, you need to get a service.

Case 3) Control Panel is Displaying Incorrect Temperature

    When initial installation, Temperature will show current temperature for a while because of thermometer located inside.

    The temperature will slowly fall 1 °C by every 2 minutes.

Case 4) Blinking Display

    A blinking temperature display indicates one of two conditions.  The digital display will blink when the temperature rises (For example, if the doors are frequently opened). When the refrigerator/ freezer reach the set temperature, the blinking will stop.

    The temperature display also blinks when the refrigerator is reset.

    When the refrigerator/ freezer reach the set temperature, the blinking will stop. If the blinking does not stop, unplug the refrigerator for about 30 seconds to unlock the processor.

    If the display is still blinking, it may indicate a problem with the freezer. The most common causes are either a failure of the cooling system or a failure in the defrost circuitry.  In either event, the refrigerator should be serviced


1. Unplug and leave it for 30 minutes

2. Plug and check the display (It must show setting temperature)

3. Check if it is on child lock mode (buttons will not be operated in Child Mode)

3. Push the each button and check if they are well working all

4. Make sure the door is well closed

    Check whether the internal shelf of the freezer or refrigerator is shifted to the front side.

    Check whether the contents on the internal shelf of the freezer or refrigerator are shifted to the front side.

    Check whether the stored contents of the freezer or fridge door guard are overhanging to the front of the guard.

[Important Reminders]

1. Do not spill any liquid on display

2. Do not give strong impact on display and buttons

3. Do not put too much food around door, it may block door closing.

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