Galaxy S2 ICS Upgrade Caution

Last Update Date : Jan 10. 2018

Galaxy S2 ICS Upgrade Caution

 (1) Initializing a few user data

      - After ICS upgrade, important user data (like phone book, message, picture) will be


        But because of Software changing, a few user data or setting value will be initialized.

      - Initialized data and setting value

       . Home screen and sequence of applications

       . Setting value of a few applications which are improved

      - Other applications and data can be initialized

      - To prevent unexpected data loss, please back-up your data thru Kies before upgrading.

  (2) Internal memory space

      - To upgrade to ICS OS, enough device memory is needed

        (Thru Kies : 60MB at least, Thru FOTA : 350MB at least)

      - If device memory is not enough, please delete downloaded applications, SMS/MMS or

    - How to check device memory : Applications - Setting - Storage - Device memory –

 Available space

  (3) Application compatibility

      - In ICS OS, a few applications which are downloaded from Android market or other will

not work  because they are not optimized in ICS OS

       If the application from Android market is not working in ICS, please ask to

application developer

  (4) Sequential upgrade thru FOTA

      - Because of FOTA feature, sometimes multiple upgrading is needed to upgrade to latest


      - If additional upgrade pop-up is displayed after upgrading, please update your mobile

again refer to the pop-up

  (6) Customized firmware

      - If un-official or customized firmware is installed in the mobile, unexpected problem can

happen during upgrading

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