How do I set up and use the Finger Scanner on my Samsung Galaxy S5?

Last Update Date : Jan 11. 2018

Last updated: 2 April, 2014



Registering a fingerprint or thumbprint


1. Choose which finger (or thumb) you'd like to use to unlock your device. We recommend choosing the thumb, index finger or middle finger of your dominant hand.


2. Ensure the finger or thumb you've decided to use is dry and clean (your device will need to take a clear scan of your fingerprint or thumbprint).


3. From the Home screen touch Apps.


GS5 - Apps Icon Framed 


4. Touch Settings.


GS5 - Settings Icon Framed 


5. Scroll down and touch Finger Scanner.


GS5 - Finger Scanner Framed 


6. Touch Fingerprint manager and then touch OK.


GS5 - Fingerprint Manager Framed 


7. Slide your fingertip or thumbtip over the scanner, as shown in the animation on your device, eight times. Each time you do so successfully an indicator will display green.


GS5 - Registering a Fingerprint 


Your device will tell you if one of your attempts is unsuccessful. Simply retry to continue.


GS5 - Failed Fingerprint Registration Attempt 


8. After registering your fingerprint or thumbprint you will be asked to enter a backup password. Enter a memorable password that is at least four characters long and includes at least one letter. Touch Continue when finished.


GS5 - Create Password 


9. Re-enter your password and then touch OK.


10. Touch OK on the 'Enable Fingerprint lock' window and then touch Fingerprint on the 'Screen unlock settings' page.


GS5 - Enable Fingerprint Lock 



Unlocking your device with your fingerprint or thumbprint


1. You will now be able to unlock your device with the finger or thumb you registered on your device. If an unlock attempt does not work your device will tell you why and you will be allowed to retry (a maximum of four times).


GS5 - Fingerprint Scanning Attempts 


2. If you fail to scan your registered fingerprint or thumbprint five times you will be asked to enter your backup password to unlock your device.



Adding or removing a fingerprint or thumbprint


1. From the Home screen touch Apps.


GS5 - Apps Icon Framed


2. Touch Settings.


GS5 - Settings Icon Framed


3. Scroll down and touch Finger Scanner


GS5 - Finger Scanner Framed


4. Touch Fingerprint Manager.


5. Use your registered finger or thumb to continue.


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