How to download games?

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020

STEP1. How to download games?


JET provides user can download games through WAP site. Games are defined by JavaME applications( Midlet )


To download games follow the steps below:

1. While in Idle mode, select the Main menu.

2. Select ‘Games and more’ menu

3. Select ‘more games ‘


4. WAP site that user can download games is opened. (The WAP site could be different as below)


STEP2. How to download games?

5. Follow the guide from WAP site.

6. Select the game that you want to download from list.

7. Information about contents is shown. Touch the ‘Save’ soft-key


8. Complete the download game.

9. User can also access the WAP site that can be download game contents directly through ‘Internet’ menu if it is possible to use Wi-Fi function.


User can find the downloaded game in ‘Games and more’ menu.

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