How to move my music files to the memory card?

Last Update Date : Jan 10. 2018


Refer to this article to move music files to memory card.

There are two way to move music files to memory card.

Method1 :  Phone to Phone

    1. From ‘Start’ go to ‘Programs’.

    2. Select ‘File Manager’.

    3. Move to ‘Storage card’ and then ‘Music’.

    4. Select a music file from a folder.

    5. Select ‘Options’ and then ‘Edit’.

    6. Tap on ‘Copy’.

    7. Select ‘Mover’ from the ‘Options’.

    8. Choose a folder from the memory card.

    9. Select ‘Options’ and then ‘Edit’.

    10. Click ‘Paste’.

Method2:  PC to Phone

    1. Connect your device to the PC by USB cable.

    2. Once the Microsoft ActiveSync in the PC is activated, open the ActiveSync Explorer window.

    3. Copy and paste music files from a folder in PC to "Storage Card" folder shown in ActiveSync’s Explorer Window.

    Tip : When you purchase a Cubic37 phone the CD-ROM containing Microsoft ActiveSync software is provided.


1. How to install.

Before you can synchronize your data, you must install ActiveSync, either from the supplied CD-ROM or the Microsoft website (

To install ActiveSync from the supplied CD-ROM.

    1)  Insert the CD-ROM into your computer.

    2)  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

    3)  When installation is complete, follow the on-screen instructions in the Synchronization Setup Wizard to connect your device to the computer and create a data sharing partnership.

2. How to Connect your device to a computer.

    1) Tap “Start”.

    2) On the Productivity screen, tap “Settings”.

    3) On the “Basic Settings” tab, tap “General Settings”.

    4) Select “USB Connection”  and click “ActiveSync”.

    5) Tap “Done” to complete your connection.

    6) Connect one end (mini-USB) of the PC data cable to the multifunction jack on your device and the other end to the USB port on your computer.

3. How to Synchronize your data.

You can also manually find and copy files from your device to a computer from your GT-I8000 and vice versa.

    1) From the Microsoft “ActiveSync” window on your GT-I8000, tap “Explore”.

    2) When you connect your device to a computer, ActiveSync should begin synchronizing your data automatically.

    3) You can begin the synchronization manually by tapping “Sync”.

    4)To stop synchronization in progress, tap “Stop”.

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