Installation guide for a Galaxy Tab S6 Keyboard Cover

Last Update date : Jul 25. 2022
Tab S6 KV

• The adhesive strength may be reduced if thesurface of the adhesive pad is dirty. Cleanse thepad gently with a wet towel, and then dry the padcompletely before attaching the cover.


• If the temperature is too low, the cover may notbe attached firmly to the tablet. For the bestresults, attach the cover to the tablet at roomtemperature, press the back of the adhesive padevenly against the tablet, and then leave it for anhour before using it.


• To remove the cover from the tablet, push thefingers into the gap between the adhesive padand the tablet, and then lift the cover gentlyfrom the outside edge of it. Lifting any other partexcept the adhesive pad may cause damage tothe device.


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