New Function in GT-I9300 JB Premium Suite

Last Update Date : Jan 10. 2018
New Function in GT-I9300 JB Premium Suite

From this part will explains the enhanced or new functions in MR version GT-I9300 Jelly Bean V4.1.2

The functions are applied from  ELK1 version, and HQ internally calls the Premium Suite.

User will be able to access as a result of performing a SW upgrade to their device via Kies or using Smart Tool in Selected Brandshop.






Contextual Page

When the earphones or Desk dock are disconnected, it provide the corresponding the most suitable page.

Contextual Tag

When you take a picture or record the video or the voice ,  you can tag the time, place, person and weather.

Provide the photo navigation through the location information of photo : When you take pictures in ON state of  'GPS tag’, specify the category 'location' in the gallery, and then the photos will be displayed on the map.

Contextual App Link

Arrange applications list in order of frequency of application usage in

‘Task manager’ and ‘Attachment’ of Message.

Smart Rotation

Screen display direction adjusts to your angle of sights


ChatOn  V (Downloadable)

Provide the video call via ChatOn app.


 Page configuration

- Provide the optimal text & images after reconstructing information on the screen.

- When you select a hyper-link , selected hyper-link address or button

 is marked orange color, and you can easily check the selected area.

 Reader Mode

‘Share via’ submenu is too applied in ‘Reader mode’ site .

* ‘Reader mode’ is supported in only limited  RSS(Rich Site Summary) site.


 Multi window

It is possible to work by displaying two window on the screen, so you can work multitasking.

Paper artist

 Picture edit tool

Paper artist is application to edit pictures with various effects.

Group play


Provide to share the screen between other devices.





Low Light shot

When you take a picture during setting  'Low light‘ option, you can shoot

better pictures in dark places.

Burst shot

In V4.0 ICS and past version, 'Best photo' and ‘Burst shot' function was

combined. Each of the function is separated in this MR. (Best photo’ is

located in ‘shooting mode’ and  Burst shot’ is located in ‘settings’).

When you press the shutter key for a few seconds in ON state of

burst shot, you can take the burst and continuous pictures.

Best face

When you take a picture in ON state of best face, you can select

the most well face photo of five consecutive pictures.


Can take a 360 degree view (consisting of maximum 12 pictures).

Refer the slide 5, 6.

Photo Editor



Quality of effect is improved in ‘photo editor’.

View the original photo

Possible to see the original photo while edit the photos.

Multi Grid

Can adjust the grid size of photo.


 Share shot pairing

Provide photo sharing through the NFC tagging function.

 Allshare cast hub

The Galaxy S3 and the dongle can be connected by contacting  NFC tag of dongle and mobile device.


 Samsung Gallery

The identical Gallery app of Galaxy Note2, GT-I7100 is applied.





Sound balance

Function to adjust the sound balance of the left and right side of the earphone

Setup Wizard

Setup wizard provide the process of setting up a ‘Accessibility’.

Camera Easy snap

When set the ‘Face Detection’ Of ‘Shooting mode’, if camera recognize the face on the screen , and the voice guide provides "One face is detected“.  (On ‘Talk Back’)

Accessible keyboard

‘Reference vibration’ is added to the ‘Virtual keypad’, you can know touch the screen on any location.

Video Maker

 Video Editor

Video Editor application is available for download in ‘More Services’.


 Lock Ticker

Add the Facebook in information ticker on the lock screen in this MR.

You can set by next step: Settings > Lock screen > Lock screen options

My Files

Folder classification

Can classify into the four custom Folder(Images, Video, Music, Documents) in ‘My files’ .

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