Settings options support on rear camera of Galaxy J7 Pro

Last Update date : Jul 25. 2022

Rear Camera modes on Galaxy J7 Pro

You can use a variety of camera modes to take pictures using options that are preset for specific type of scene. 

On rear camera state, 8 preloaded Auto, Pro, Panorama, Continuous shot, HDR, Night, Sports, Sound & Shot mode is supported.  

Auto mode allows the camera to evaluate the surroundings and determine the ideal mode for the photo.

Camera Modes

Auto : Take photos while manually adjusting various shooting options, such as exposure value and ISO value.

Pro: Take a series of photos horizontally or vertically and then stitch them together to create a wide scene.

Panorama: Take a series of photos of moving subjects.

Continuous Shot: Take photos with rich colours and reproduce details even in bright and dark areas.

ㆍHDR: Take a photo in low-light conditions, without using the flash.

Night: Take a photo of fast-moving subjects.

Sports : Take a photo with sound. The device identifies the photos with note sign in Gallery.

Sound and Shot: Tale photos with sound.

Camera Setting

Tap Settings icon on the preview screen. The available options may vary depending on the shooting mode and which camera is being used.

Tap Settings

Rear camera

 • Picture size: Select a resolution for photos. Using a higher resolution will result in higher quality photos, but they will take up more memory. 

•  Video size: Select a resolution for videos. Using a higher resolution will result in higher quality videos, but they will take up more memory.

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