Error Messages Appearing On Screen (LED TVs)

Last Update Date : Jan 08. 2018

Standard Error Messages:

There are a few error messages that can be generated by Samsung LED TVs. These errors mainly cover 3 categories which include:

1.  Standard:

  • Model Not Support
  • No Signal or Weak Signal
  • Check Signal Cable
  • Not Available

2. Smart Hub Error Messages

If your TV has the Smart Hub feature you may experience error messages from time to time. Most errors will resolve themselves in 48-72 hours without changing anything. If you have experienced the error for longer than this time please contact us.

  • Network Interference
  • Error code 010

3. Other Error Messages

If you are seeing any other error message, it is from an external device attached to the TV. We have provided troubleshooting for some common error messages. If this Troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, you will need to contact the device manufacturer for further troubleshooting

  • The HDCP has been compromised
  • Locked


Countermeasure for the Error Messages

1. Mode Not Supported

This error message only appears if you have set the source on your TV to a device (such as a set top box or DVD player) that is set to a resolution the TV cannot accept.

For example:

  • A PC connected to the TV that is outputting a higher resolution than the TV supports, or the video card driver needs to be updated.
  • A composite A/V connection that is outputting a resolution higher than 480i.
  • An HDMI Connection
    • External device is set to auto resolution, try setting to a fixed resolution output.
    • The HDMI cable is too long, test with a 6ft or shorter cable. Longer cables that are not ISF® may result in a mode not supported message
    • The BD Wise feature is taking too long to communicate, disable the BD Wise Feature.

2. No Signal or Weak Signal

The No Signal or Weak Signal error message indicates the TV is detecting a connection, but it is not receiving a signal from that connection. You may see this message when you select any device, an antenna, or a direct cable line as your source.


  • Powering off and on the external device.
  • Checking that the cable is properly seated in the TV and external source.
  • If the device has multiple display outputs (a laptop for example) confirm that the device has been set to output on the connection you are using.
  • Replace cables

3. Check Signal Cable

The Check Signal Cable error message indicates that the TV does not detect a device connected to it. You may see this message when connecting any device, an antenna, or a direct cable line.

4. Not Available

The Not Available message will appear on the TV when a function is trying to be performed that is not available at that specific time due to setting or source.

For example:

  • Trying to change the volume when the TV's speakers are disabled.
  • Trying to change the channel when you are not on the "TV" source.
  • Trying to use CC, CH LIST, GUIDE, FAV CH, etc. when you are not on the "TV" source.

 5. Network Interference

The network interference error message can be displayed for multiple reasons:

  • The TV is not connected to the internet.
  • The ISP is blocking connection to the Samsung servers.
  • There is currently heavy traffic on the Samsung Servers.


6. Error_Code_010

The Smart Hub failed on setting the widget gallery on the Samsung PM Server.

This can be caused by:

  • Smart Hub Country Code Not Set, try setting the country code to US. Please see our troubleshooting guide for instructions.
  • Heavy network traffic at the time. Try again at a non peak time.

7. HDCP Compromised

Sometimes the message "The HDCP Has Been Compromised" will appear when using an HDMI connection from a cable or satellite box. This message is not generated by the TV but by the cable or satellite box. There are usually two reasons why this message appears:

  • The box has received an update and needs to be reset, unplug the box for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.
  • The box is connected with HDMI and another connection (coax, composite, or component). Disconnect the extra connection and power cycle the box.

8. Locked

The TV says "Locked" whenever a button is press and you cannot do anything to control the TV. This problem is not actually a problem with TV and this situation is caused by signal from an external Set-Top-Box (STB).

  • Power cycle the TV, unplug the TV for 30 seconds then plug it back in.
  • Power cycle the STB, unplug the STB for 30 seconds then plug it back in.

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