FirmWare update with MagicInfo Server

Last Update Date : Jan 08. 2018

Constraints about Firmware update through the SW update function in MagicInfo Server


1. The LFD to support this function: LFD with the OS platform ( to support MagicInfo Lite

or Premium S)

2. MagicInfo Premium S server or MagicInfo Lite server supported

3. MagicInfo Premium I server can’t support the firmware update for the LFD with the OS platform.

Namely, if use MagicInfo Prmeium I player, we can’t support the firmware update.

Only support the firmware update in case Premium S Player and Lite Player.



How to do the firmware update:



Step 1. Prepare Firmware file.


Make the zip file with all USB firmware update files








Step 2. Register the Firmware file in MagicInfo Server.

If use Premium S player, go to the SW update in Premium Device,

Else if use Lite player, got to the SW update in Lite Device.







It take about 3~5 Minutes to upload in list after click the OK button




Step 3: Deploy the Firmware file in MagicInfo Server.









It takes about 3~5 Minutes to download to LFD. The lfds will be rebooted automatically after downloading.




Step 4: Check the status for Firmware update.







The status of the firmware update is moved from standby to upgrade success.


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