How to set up your new Samsung Premiere projector

Last Update date : May 21. 2021

Get ready for a whole new home cinema experience. The Premiere delivers dramatic home cinema viewing that’s just like being in a theater. You just need to make sure you set it up properly, so you get the image size and quality that you want.

Set up Premiere Projector Set up Premiere Projector

Note: Images may differ slightly depending on the model of your unit.

Install the projector horizontally on a flat surface to prevent it from being tilted. When the screen and the projector are not aligned horizontally and vertically, or the screen is curved, the display may get distorted.

Step 1. Place the projector at an appropriate distance from the screen to be projected. Connect with the power cable, and then turn it on by pressing the power button at the rear of the projector and then use the control menu. The control menu appears when the power button is pressed while the projector is on.

Step 2. When you turn on your projector for the first time, it starts the initial setup. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and configure the projector's basic settings to suit your viewing environment.

Step 3 Adjust the angle by moving the projector left or right. Or, adjust the angle by adjusting the tilt-foot at the bottom of the projector.

Step 4. Move the projector forward or backward to adjust the projection distance for the desired screen size.

  • When the screen looks skewed or distorted, use the Screen Adjustment ( Settings > General Projector > Settings > Screen Adjustment) function.
  • When the screen looks blurry, use the Focus (Settings > General> Projector Settings > Focus) function.
  • For more information about screen adjustment, refer to Setting the Viewing Environment for Projector.

We have a guide for getting the correct image size for your setup. The placement will be a little different depending on which Premiere model you have.

Below are the different letters represent the following:

  • A = The projector's distance from the wall.
  • B = The height of the display above the projector.
  • C = The size of the projection diagonally.
  • X = The size of the projection horizontally.
  • Y = The size of the screen or projection vertically.



For a 130 inch display:

  • Place the projector 9.4 inches (23.8 cm) away from the wall (A).
  • The display will be 16.8 inches (42.6 cm) above the projector (B).



For a 120 inch display:

  • Place the projector 16.3 inches (41.5 cm) away from the wall (A).
  • The display will be 17.3 (43.9 cm) inches above the projector (B).

When you turn on the Projector for the first time, the Samsung remote pairs to the projector automatically.

If the Samsung remote does not pair to the projector automatically, point it at the remote control sensor of the Projector, and then press and hold the Return and Play/Pause button simultaneously for 3 seconds or more.


  • The images, buttons, and functions of the Samsung Smart Remote may differ depending on the model.
  • The Universal Remote function operates normally only when you use the Samsung Smart Remote that comes with the projector.

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