How to use PC Streaming function?

Last Update Date : Jan 10. 2018



The shared folder setup method may be different, depending on the PC operating system.

You can connect the Blu-ray Home Theater to a PC and play mp3 or jpeg file content in a shared folder. Please follow the steps below.

1. Use a router and LAN cable or wireless LAN adapter to connect between the PC and Blu-ray Home Theater.

2. Create a shared folder in the PC and store desired mp3 or jpeg files there. For more detailed information about setting a shared folder, visit the Samsung website and download the "Setting the shared folder" manual from the Download center.

3. Press the MENU button.

4. Press the RED(A) button. You will see a window where you can select a network search type.

5. Use the ◄ ► button to select a network search type. A list of shared servers will appear.

    Auto : Automatically searches for an available PC.

    Manual : You must enter the IP address, folder name, windows user name and password before you can find a desired PC.

6. To search a shared folder. There are 2 methods to access shared folders on a PC. (If you search a folder in Auto mode. it must contain less than 12 characters. You must select manual to search for folders with 12 or more characters.)

    Auto Mode

    1) Press the ▲▼ button to select a desired PC and press the ENTER button. (When first connected, you must enter the window user name and password to display the shared folder.)

    2) Enter the PC’s user name in the window.

    3) Enter the PC’s password in the window. The shared folder will be displayed.

    4) Press the ▲▼ button to select a desired folder.

    Manual Mode

    1) Enter in the IP address of the PC that has the shared folders.

    2) Type in the name of the shared folder in the window then press the BLUE (D) button to Save.

    3) Type in the PC’s password then press the BLUE (D) button to Save.

7. Press the button, then press the ▲▼ button to select Video, Music or Photo.

    ※ Note

    The PC name should be in English, excluding characters such as symbols.

    You can search up to 4 PCs connected to the network to play content over.

    You may experience connection problems depending on your PC environment.

      - If you encounter a problem with "Auto Mode", please try to "Manual Mode".

    If a conflict occurs between Windows XP simple file sharing and the PC streaming function of the Blu-ray Home Theater, please disable the simple file sharing.

      - For more detailed information, visit the Samsung website and download the "Setting the shared folder" manual from the Download center.

    If you experience PC streaming function problems when using a shared folder on the desktop of windows vista, visit the operating system's technical support site to change a setting or change the directory.

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