A football game scene where the goalkeeper is diving to is being displayed on the immersive screen of Samsung Super Big TV. It seems that the ball which passed through keeper's hand is coming to you out of the frame.

See the bigger picture

Size of living space is no longer a factor when choosing a TV. Advances in picture quality now allow us to enjoy big screens,
even in small spaces, without worrying about eye strain or viewing distance.
Discover the bigger picture with Samsung's wide range of Super Big TVs.

Bigger screen. Bigger experience.

Expand your view and your viewing experience with a Super Big TV.

Expand your view and your viewing experience with a Super Big TV.

Why Super Big TV?

Intensify your on-screen entertainment with a Super Big TV.

Realistic front row action

Catch every play in life-like detail.

Clear and vibrant picture detail on a large, immersive screen that fills your field of vision.
Bring home all the live action excitement of a stadium experience with Super Big TV.

5 men sitting around a mini table with snacks and beverages are watching football game on the large screen TV. With Samsung Super Big TV,  size of living space is no longer a factor.

Breathtaking visual spectacle

Lose yourself in resounding depth and dimension.

Create a theatre-like viewing experience in your home.
Enjoy your favorite movies on the Super Big TV screen in vivid, larger-than-life picture quality.

2 kids are watching a movie with lying down on the lug. The movie lively shows two dinosaurs fight.

Immersion that draws you into the screen

Dive deep into the center of the action.

Play on the big screen and take gaming to a whole new level.
Enhanced detail and depth on the Super Big TV pull you in and put you right in the driver's seat.

An user is enjoying a flight simulation game with a controller on Samsung Super Big TV. The immersive screen is so big that the game can be more realistic so the user seems to sit in a real cockpit of a jet.

Look for more than
a big screen.

Not all TVs are created equally, and with Samsung, you know you're getting more than just a bigger screen.
Discover the unique innovations that make a Super Big TV, a Samsung Super Big TV.

Intelligent Upscaling

Samsung makes it possible to enjoy viewing on a Super Big screen without eye fatigue or discomfort. Thanks to Samsung's unique 5-step intelligent upscaling technology, any distance is a safe viewing distance with a Super Big TV. The Samsung intelligent engine analyzes each scene to produce optimal color, contrast, and 4K detail.

*Available in UHD and QLED models only.
A comparison of the detail before and after the Intelligent Upscaling. The right side of the screen is the enhanced detail on Samsung Super Big TV.
As Samsung Super Big TV's Intelligent Upscaling works, the detail of the image which showing a cliff gets better and better.

Game Mode

Samsung provides the optimal environment for uninterrupted, immersive gaming on a Super Big TV. Maximize your gaming experience with advanced features like lower input lag, variable refresh rate (VRR) and Game Motion Plus, for a fluid and fast-paced field of view. You can also switch over automatically from TV to game mode with Auto Game Mode.

*Available only in models from Premium UHD NU8000 series or higher.
A comparison of Samsung Super Big TV's input lag in Game mode and TV mode. The right side of the screen is the Game mode and it has less input lag.
This shows Minimal Input Lag of Samsung Super Big TV's Game Mode. As the input lag is minimized, the user can control the racing car without stuttering. You can see the smooth racing on the right side of the screen.

Ambient Mode

With Samsung, a Super Big TV screen no longer equals super big blank space. Transform your Samsung Super Big TV into a part of the surrounding interior. Display background décor, useful information or your personal photos, without fear of high electricity costs or burn-in. You can even set it to play background music to enhance the mood of your space.

*Available in QLED models only.
* Service specifications vary by region and model.
* All devices must be on the same network and Internet connection is required.
* Agreement of the Services TV Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy is required upon your first use.
* The Ambient Mode background setting feature may vary depending on the environment where the TV is installed including, but not limited to, wall designs, patterns, and/or colors.
* Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. The appearance and design specifications which is not affecting to product performance are subject to change without notice.
Super Big TV hung on a grey-toned wall is showing décor mode of the Ambient Mode. The semi-transparent image of mountains is well harmonized with the color and texture of the wall.
The video is introducing Super Big TV's Ambient Mode. With Ambient Mode, Samsung large screen TVs are harmonized well on the walls.

Bigger is better anywhere

Expand your view and your viewing experience with a Super Big TV.

See how Super Big TVs enhance any surrounding.

Choose your Super Big TV

* Product design and specifications may vary by region.
* The content within the screen are simulated images and are for demonstration purposes only.
* GUI(Graphic User Interface), design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.