WT16J7PHC, Twin Tub with Air Turbo Drying System 14 kg


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14 kg

Washing Capacity (kg)

964x1028x540 mm

Net Dimension (WxHxD)

36 kg

Net Weight

Reduce drying time

In the Air Turbo Drying System, powerful motor rapidly rotates the drum to pull more water out the load hence ensures your clothes are dried faster than line drying alone.

Reduce drying time


No more hanging and waiting. Simply iron straight-out-of-the washer, since Air Turbo Drying System eliminates just enough moisture to keep clothes adequately damp for ironing.


Big capacity. Less laundry time

The Samsung washing machine’s huge 14kg capacity lets you wash piles of laundry in a single load. With less time taken up by chores, you can enjoy precious extra time all for yourself.

Big capacity. Less laundry time

Lifts clothes. Reduces tangles.

The "Jets of water" generated from the center of the Pulsator improves washing effectiveness by lifting any clothes that fall down onto the surface of the Pulsator, preventing tangle.

Lifts clothes. Reduces tangles.

Powerful filtration

Samsung’s Two-way Lint Filter effectively captures lint, residue and other particles, preventing them from sticking to the clothes again.

Powerful filtration
  • 14 kg Washing Capacity (kg)
  • 964x1028x540 mm Net Dimension (WxHxD)
  • 36 kg Net Weight

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