Hand holding Galaxy s7 edge

Breathtaking speed and power

The new custom CPU, powerful GPU and 4GB RAM make for a potent combination that makes everything faster.

Simulated image of galaxy s7 edge’s components under the display
  • CPUUp to 30% faster than its predecessor
    Image of CPU
  • GPUUp to 64% faster than its predecessor
    Image of GPU
  • 4GB RAMIncreased from
    3GB RAM
    Image of 4GB RAM

Great memory

With microSD support, you have the option to extend storage capacity as you need.

SIM card tray being inserted into galaxy s7 edge
  • two SIM cards on the SIM tray
    Dual SIM
  • one SIM card and one micro SD card on the SIM tray
    Single SIM

SIM card tray that can hold two SIM cards or a microSD card with your SIM card.

*Availability may vary by country.

Longer battery life

Powerful batteries, custom CPU and highly advanced GPU in Galaxy S7 and S7 edge ensure that the batteries are used to their full potential.

S7: 3000mAh | S7 edge: 3600mAh
Galaxy s7 being held up

Charging is fast

Even with the bigger batteries, you can depend on built-in fast charging capabilities to keep you free from being tethered to an outlet for too long.

S7: 90 min | S7 edge: 100 min
Close-up of galaxy s7’s charging port.

Charging wirelessly is
faster than ever

It's obviously the easiest way to power your phone. You put your phone down and it begins charging. It's the fact that it's really fast that makes wireless charging with your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge so phenomenal.

Galaxy s7 edge being charged on the wireless charger