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A collage of three photos, left to right: a man smiling while wearing a mask, a man and little girl smiling at each other, a woman with a dog, smiling

This year has been a difficult one to smile through. 2020 has been a struggle for us all in different ways, from lost loved ones to lost jobs, it has presented us with challenges we couldn’t have predicted. It has made us reflect on how important it is to take the time and appreciate those little and big things that keep positivity alive.

Today, we’re celebrating all those things that have kept the smiles on all our faces.

These Are Your Smile Stories

These are the things that have kept you smiling through a tough year. Join the movement on Instagram using #SamsungSmileStories, #withGalaxy, @samsung

Family gathered around the table smiling while celebrating youngest child's birthday

"This photo reflects what makes me smile everyday my beautiful family"


A young boy smiling at the camera holding a pan with cookies and matches

"Thousands of problems and just one way to face them : A smile."


A man wearing a cap smiling

"I smile for the camera"


A woman smiling with her eyes wearing hijab and a face mask.

”I have many things to smile about”


A boy in green shirt holding a photo album and smiling

"Good times. Best memories."


Man and woman with blue eyes smiling and taking a photo with the lake in the background

“Time spent with my fiancé makes me smile”


Boy in a red shirt smiling and raising his arms in the air the joy

“Why be sad, if you can be happy?”


Mother kissing her baby boy in the cheek and boy smiling

"A smile from my son, reminds me of how rewarding motherhood is."

Orange cat sitting on a dining table, next to a red electronical guitar

“Thanks for making me smile this year”


Group of young men swimming in the lake and one man jumping into the water, spreading his arms and legs in the air

“Absolute cool bliss”


A dog smiling at the camera with it's head out the car window

"Howdy folks"


White labrador retriever smiling in the woods

"Wohoo,it's finally Friday!"


Grey cat with its eyes closed sitting on a person's lap

"My happy place"


Girl laying on the bed, eyes closed, with her dog and scratching the dog's ear

“Morning snuggles”


A boy with one arm around a white dog, hugging, while they are sitting on grass

"Smile;) Smile :) Smile :) This dog makes me smile"


Man and woman holding cats their arms, smiling

"thank you very much for loving us so much and sending us your good energy"


A woman wearing a mask holding a cat

"I’m not your butler ^^"


A woman sitting on rock mountain smiling with her eyes closed

“It’s hard not to smile when the world is this beautiful”


Man wearing knitted hat smiling with blue lake in the background

“I smile because I’m on top of the world”


Woman kicking her legs in the air holding an umbrella

"So happy that I finally moved into my own first flat. The beautiful view from my hometown is the extra thing that makes me smile everyday."


A woman smiling with her dog

"Despite being a strange one, I’ve still made so many great memories this summer, so much to smile for"


Smiling doesn't just feel good - It's also good for you!

Smiling not only connects us to others and gives us a way to express our joy, it also has tons of mental and physical health benefits.

Read on to see how smiling helps to keep you healthy and happy

A woman lying on the grass and smiling
Smiling is soothing

Believe it or not, smiling is proven to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. So when you’re struggling with a tough day, putting on a grin can help soothe the mind and boost your mood.

Smiling is contagious

It’s scientifically proven that smiling is contagious – the part of your brain that is responsible for controlling your smile is prone to mimicking the smiles of those around you.

Smiling is joyful

The act of smiling stimulates neural messages in your brain that trick your body into thinking that you’re on top of the world. The bigger the smile, the more positive you’ll feel.

Smiling is relaxing

Smiling tells your body to release endorphins and serotonin - natural chemicals that improve your mood, help your body to relax and help alleviate physical pain.

Smiling is beautiful

It’s always easier to approach someone with a smile on their face. Smiling enables you to make new connections and communicate better with those around you.

Smiling is mindfulness

Smiling helps bring you to a state of balance that calms the mind, body and soul. And when a smile becomes a laugh, your lungs expand, your muscles stretch, and homeostasis is stimulated.

A big “Thank you”

There are certain people who’ve been doing all they can to keep us safe during a difficult year and allowing us to keep smiling. Thank you to the doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, refuse collectors, supermarket staff, delivery drivers and all the other key workers who have given their time to maintaining our safety.

Two people in PPE, hugging.

Samsung Smile Stories

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