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You told us what you wanted in your dream phone—the Galaxy S20 FE is our answer.
Here’s the story behind the Fan Edition.

An aerial view of two women laying side-by-side on the grass. The woman on the left is wearing a blue collared shirt while the woman on the right is wearing a lime green top. Their heads are pressed together from opposite ends. They're both smiling at the camera.

As a brand, we’re constantly listening, learning and evolving—just like you. And the Galaxy S20 FE is just one example of how we took your feedback to heart and created a phone you’ll fall for. We kept the things you adored about the Galaxy S20 and tailor-made each innovation to fit your world. Whether you’re using the S20 FE to highlight your stories, flex your photography skills or game for hours, you can bet it has you covered. Here’s how we designed the Galaxy S20 FE to include all you want, to do all you love.

The features you love

Super Steady? Night Mode? Space Zoom?Of course, we kept your favourite tried-and-true camera perks for capturing every must-share moment. No matter if you’re showing up for the next dance challenge, taking artistic selfies or scoring that game-winning shot, you can capture every vivid detail.

1 4
1 4
Eleven Galaxy S20 FE triple camera phones standing vertically against a white background to form a circle. The phones include previously unreleased Samsung S20 colours including Cloud Mint, Cloud Navy, Cloud Lavender and Cloud Red. The phones on the left are pointed rearview while the phones on the right are front-facing. Different models are shown on display.

Phone colours that pop

We know that your accessories play a key part in your personal aesthetic, so why shouldn’t your phone score style points as well? After learning about your favourite colours, we went to work and developed six previously unreleased shades for the Galaxy S20 FE . The palette includes ethereal pastels (Cloud Lavender and Cloud Mint), chic neutrals (Cloud Navy and Cloud White) and warmer pops (Cloud Red and Cloud Orange). With so many options on offer you can be sure to find one that speaks to your unique vibe.

Smoother scrolling

Keep up with all your feeds with mind-blowing vividness at a 120Hz refresh rate.

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A woman wearing a green jacket is looking directly at the camera as her right hand supports her face from underneath.

Anything but ordinary

Deciding on a new phone can feel like a choice between splurging on top-of-the-line features and settling for less. But with the Galaxy S20 FE, you don’t have to compromise. You’ll get your favourite Galaxy S20 features without lightening your wallet. Thanks to our number one collaborator (hint: it’s you), we’ve set a new standard for extraordinary.

It’s time to get used to extraordinary

Treat yourself to pro-grade with the Galaxy S20 FE. Made for all but meant for you.

Rearview product shots of Galaxy S20 FE phones in Cloud Orange, Cloud Mint, Cloud White, Cloud Red, Cloud Navy and Cloud Lavender. The last phone is front-facing to reveal multi-coloured red, orange and purple flowers on display.

Galaxy S20 FE

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