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Put a New Spin on Everyday Moments

Create fresh experiences at home with a unique TV design.

A young woman drinks coffee while The Sero plays a vertical video to music in the background.

Spending long days in can feel even longer when you’re running out of things to do at home. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to turn a boring routine upside down. Try viewing your mobile content on a spinning TV like Samsung's The Sero and discover new ways to interact with your photos and videos. Ordinary moments turn into exciting new experiences by adding an unconventional twist to your everyday.

A wide shot of a man standing in front of a large hot air balloon being inflated from the ground. A portrait shot of a stylish woman with a colorful background. A wide shot of a tall sand dune. A portrait shot of two women in sunglasses smiling with the desert in the background.

Revisit your photos on a rotating screen

Pictures have the power to transport you back in time. Reminisce about your best moments as you scroll through photos, vertical videos or even social media on a large, rotating TV screen. Vast landscapes and tall portraits spring to life on The Sero, taking you back to your biggest adventures. As you revisit your favorite destinations and happy memories, remember to make new ones each day.

The Sero in portrait mode displaying a man and woman dancing.
A man watches a soccer match on The Sero, laying down on his sofa in a dark room. He gets a video message notification on his TV. Three friends appear on his TV screen and invite him to a party. “Hey, come over.” The man makes eye contact with the woman in the middle. The man floats horizontally off his couch. The Sero turns to portrait mode and focuses on the woman as she smiles at the man. The man smiles back. The man flips and turns as he dresses midair for the party. He lands on his feet and exits the room. He dances onto The Sero screen next to the woman and they dance together. “TV that can rotate.” The Sero logo. Samsung. Disclaimer *The video is for illustrative purposes only and is intended to provide better understanding. *This service only works when TV and mobile are on.
A man and woman lounge and laugh on a couch together as café music on The Sero plays in the background.

Find a fresh perspective through sharing

Familiar content takes on new meaning when you listen and watch with others. Share your playlist with a loved one and you may feel the lyrics of your favorite song hit on a deeper emotional level. Watch documentaries with friends and discuss ways you can make a difference. With each shared experience, you’ll discover a new perspective.

*Ambient Mode+ works only when The Sero is in horizontal mode. Accuracy of the background feature may vary based on TV location and is dependent on wall designs, patterns and/or colors. The SmartThings app on a mobile device (Android, iOS) is required for some functions.
The Sero with the vertical screen tilted at an angle and displaying rhythmical dots.
A family of three and their dog relax in different places at home. A man on the sofa plays a song on The Sero and bobs his head to the beat. The Sero TV also bobs its screen to the beat. A woman in the kitchen bobs her head to the beat. A child that was running around dances to the beat. The family starts dancing to the beat together. Their dog pants to the beat. The Sero rotates its screen and a coffee mug shows the ripples created by The Sero’s sound. The room and the family’s outfits change color as they dance to the beat playing on the vertical TV screen. The three people are now together on the couch bobbing their heads in the same direction to the same beat. “TV with Sound that moves you.” The Sero logo. Samsung. Disclaimer *The video is for illustrative purposes only and is intended to provide better understanding.
A man and woman prepare to cook in the kitchen with The Sero in portrait mode. The Sero displays a list of Youtube cooking tutorials. A woman follows along to her favorite yoga video playing in front of her on The Sero.

Reimagine ordinary spaces

Transforming parts of your home is easy with a little imagination. With The Sero you can roll your TV from room to room to reinvent a space. An intimidating kitchen becomes a fun classroom by adding a life-size guide to help you through recipes. An unused corner turns into a gym, fully equipped with a virtual trainer. Imagine home cafes and virtual concert halls as you stay playful and creative.

An angled view of the bottom of The Sero with wheels.
A man in his living room walks up to The Sero and starts dancing with his feet. He rolls The Sero around to the beat. The man glides down a hallway while The Sero follows him and leads him into a new room. The man then takes The Sero out of the room and slides down the hallway again. The outer layer of his clothes comes off of him and he is in a new outfit. A hat lands on his head. He turns with The Sero into his closet and sits next to his TV. He looks at the screen and nods to the beat. “TV that can move around.” The Sero logo. Samsung. Disclaimer *The video is for illustrative purposes only and is intended to provide better understanding.
The Sero displays a vertical video of an artist playing the guitar during a concert. A man and woman enjoy watching their virtual home concert on the couch.

Sure, the mysterious allure of the unfamiliar is enticing. But you don’t have to take drastic measures to feel the thrill of the unknown. Putting a unique spin on the experiences and content you already know can give you the excitement and newness of a fresh adventure everyday.

* Images and videos are simulated and for illustration purposes only.
GUI (Graphic User Interface) specifications not affecting product performance are subject to change without notice.
* Smart services and GUI (Graphic User Interface) may vary by region, language and mobile device.

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