Galaxy S9S9+

  • · 960 fps Super Slow-mo for social media

    · Stunning low light photos with dual aperture

    · AR Emoji , animated to look just like you




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Soft lit against a dark backdrop, the rear side view of a Lilac Purple Galaxy S9+ emphasizes the dual camera and rear hardware, and sleek body design.

The revolutionary camera that
adapts like the human eye.

Capturing stunning pictures in bright daylight, moonlight and
super low light using its adjustable aperture.

A still of a Super Slow-mo video on the screen of a Galaxy S9 shows the clarity of water droplets paused in mid-air as the male and female subjects react humorously. Below, a visual comparison of standard slow motion’s 240 frames per second and Super Slow-mo’s 960 frames per second.
Super Slow-mo

The camera that radically slows down time,
making everyday moments epic.

A smiling woman’s portrait photo is compared side-by-side with her emoji counterpart with the same expression. Her emoji character is depicted in various cartoon-like templates.
AR Emoji

The camera that turns
you into an emoji,
so you're not the "you"
everyone else is.

What's in the Box

Galaxy S9 | S9+
Galaxy S9 | S9+
  • USB Cable
    USB Cable
  • Earphone
  • Ejection Pin
    Ejection Pin
  • USB<br>Power Adapter
    Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
    Quick Start Guide
  • USB Connector (USB type-C)
    USB Connector (USB type-C)
  •  Micro<br>USB Connector
    USB Connector
  • USB Connector Leaflet
    USB Connector Leaflet

* In-box items may vary by country or carrier.