Frosted Ice occurs on the Fridge? What is the problem?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018

Check the following to check the cause of Frost (covering with ice)



  • The frost covers the food.

             - When the stored food contains moisture, it may cause the frost built up on it.



  • The frost covers the cold air outlet

            - When food blocks up the cold air outlet, it prevents free air circulation causing frost built up on the cold air outlet.To make the cold air out circulate well, clear the front of the cold air outlet and put it at other location.


  • The frost covers the inner walls

           - When the door is not closed properly and warm air outside sneaks in through the door opening, it may cause frost built up. Thus, shut the refrigerators door properly. Check also if there are any dust in the gasket causing the door not to close properly

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