Gear Sport: How do I wear the Gear Sport correctly?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018


Open the buckle and place the strap around your wrist. Fit the strap to your wrist, insert the pin into
an adjustment hole, and then secure the buckle to close it.
Do not bend the strap excessively.

Doing so may damage the Gear.





wear the Gear Sport correctly  



To measure your heart rate more accurately with the Gear, wear the Gear firmly around your lower
arm just above the wrist

When measuring your heart rate, wear the Gear snugly on your arm above your wrist. Do not fasten

the Gear too tightly.


• The accuracy of the heart rate sensor may be diminished depending on measurement conditions
and surroundings.

• Use the HR feature only for measuring your heart rate.

Cold ambient temperatures may affect your measurement; during winter or cold weather,
keep yourself warm when checking your heart rate.

• Take heart rate measurements when you are seated and relaxed. Do not move your body
while taking heart rate measurements. Doing so may cause your heart rate to be recorded

Because the heart rate sensor uses light to approximate heart rate, its accuracy may vary
due to physical factors that affect light absorption and reflection, such
as blood circulation/blood pressure, skin condition and location and concentration of blood vessels.

In addition, if your heart rate is extremely high or low, measurements may be inaccurate.




accuracy of the heart rate sensor  

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