Samsung Galaxy Camera: How to use the flash?

Last Update Date : Apr 16. 2018

Your Samsung Galaxy Camera™ has a built-in Xenon Flash.
To activate the flash when you are capturing photos, press the Flash release button on the left side of the camera. 

Samsung Galaxy Camera: How to use the flash?

When you press the button, the flash will pop up and, depending on the shooting mode you have selected, the flash option will be activated in the camera settings.

Adjusting Flash Settings

To adjust the default flash settings for the currently selected shooting mode, touch to expand the camera settings menu. Touch the flash icon to cycle through the flash settings.

Auto Flash: The camera's sensors determine when the flash needs to fire based on the natural light levels present in the scene. 

Flash On: The camera will fire the flash each time you capture an image, regardless of the natural light levels present in the scene.

Flash Off: The camera will not fire the flash when you capture an image.

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