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Tips From #TeamGalaxy
Member Myth To Level Up
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Keep your sights sharp and your skills sharper with advice from the epic gamer.

Twitch streamer Myth sits at home playing mobile games on his Galaxy Note20 with Galaxy Buds Live in his ears.

Even rookie gamers know Myth: streamer on Twitch, Fortnite master and Team Galaxy dynamo. When he’s not stacking up Victory Royales on his Galaxy device, he’s streaming to his extensive audience on Twitch. If there’s anyone to take mobile gaming advice and Fortnite strategies from, it’s him. Read on to get his pointers for leveling up your game.

Meet Myth

Myth’s grind to greatness started small. Hitting the scene just four years ago streaming games like Paragon and Miscreated, he had a mere 800 followers on his YouTube channel before Fortnite came out. With the 2018 release of Epic’s golden child, Myth catapulted himself to the forefront of gaming.

He hit his first million followers that March. His next million? A month later. He’s clearly been destined for epic status since the beginning. Today, with an audience of over 6 million, his legacy isn’t just cemented—it’s mythic.

But enough with the backstory. Let’s hear from the legend himself.

Myth raises his right arm to the ceiling and looks up in frustration while holding a Galaxy Note20 in his left hand in an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate controller.
Two Galaxy Buds Live earbuds in Mystic Bronze shown from above.
Galaxy Buds Live

Stay immersed in the game wherever you go with dynamic sound.


No better way to learn than the hard way

Like any other game, Fortnite is fast-paced and comes with a deeply dedicated community, some of whom have been playing for years. It can be intimidating to jump straight into the action, so how’s a new player supposed to get started?

Any game’s learning curve can be steep, but Myth says to embrace the chaos and drop in with both feet in the best places to land in Fortnite. “Land at crowded points of interest,” he advises new players, “so you can learn the mechanics of the game at a faster pace.”

It’s always about fundamentals. You might end up getting got pretty quickly at first, but after a few reps, the basics of any game can be picked up fairly easily. Then, it’s all about building on that foundation.

Two Galaxy Buds Live earbuds in Mystic Bronze shown from above.
Galaxy Buds Live

Stay immersed in the game wherever you go with dynamic sound.

A shot from over Myth's right shoulder showing him playing a game on his Galaxy Note20 while it's in an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate controller.

Head to head against the best

Once you’ve wrapped your head around the game mechanics, the next step is to get your reps in. “For experienced players,” Myth says. “I recommend participating in weekly tournaments, so that you can test your skill against better players and also learn from them.”

Iron sharpens iron, they say, and the same could be said about gamers bettering other gamers. As with traditional sports, competition makes all the difference in e-sports, and it’s just as important to use the right equipment. You wouldn’t step onto a football field if your helmet didn’t fit right, or enter a hockey rink with dull skates.

And for mobile gamers, a dynamic phone is key. “The battery life and 120Hz for gaming display on the Galaxy Note20 are probably the two things that will help me out,” Myth says. ”That silky smooth gameplay is where it’s at!”

Myth sits on a stone wall outside, facing us, playing a game on a Galaxy Note20 in an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate controller.
A Galaxy Note20 shown from above with a 100% charged battery screen showing.
All-Day Intelligent Battery

Less time charging, more time winning.


Squeeze in practice whenever and wherever you can

OK, you’ve gotten the lay of the land and you’re sharpening your skills by pitting yourself against the best of the best. What’s next?

Practice, practice, practice—then find more opportunities to practice some more. Myth only stops when he sleeps. “Ain’t nothing like chilling in bed before sleep and smashing out a few more matches on my phone,” he says.

Fortnite already runs like a champ on most Galaxy devices—and with recent developments between Epic Games and various app stores, Galaxy devices are some of the only Fortnite compatible phones still getting game updates—but if you’re just looking for quick reps, cloud gaming services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate* on the Note20 can make those late-night rounds even easier.

A Galaxy Note20 shown from above with a 100% charged battery screen showing.
All-Day Intelligent Battery

Less time charging, more time winning.

Myth sitting on his couch playing a game on his Galaxy Note20 in an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate controller while the text "WHOOOO" is stylistically written over the image.

Putting the “friendly” in friendly competition

Gaming distinguishes itself from other hobbies with its dynamic and passionate fanbase. Even if you’re not quite 360 noscoping people yet, in-game events, online groups and voice chat are an integral part of the community.

For Myth, navigating the community with positivity and patience is the last piece to the puzzle: “Try your best to promote healthy and productive behaviors! You are an influence to someone out there, and the more good we put out into the world, the better the world can be.”

With the introduction of 5G** and new services, like cloud gaming, to take advantage of it, the future of gaming is looking brighter than ever. Check out Myth's take on the latest innovation, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate*.

Myth hops in his backyard in front of a large, low grill. His Galaxy Note20 is in an xCloud controller in his left hand while his right hand points to camera. He is smiling.
Myth introduces himself while sitting on a couch and the game simulated on TV screen. *Screen image simulated. *Xbox console and controller sold separately. *Xbox Game Pass account may be required. *Game catalog may vary over time and by regions. He speaks to how Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the Galaxy Note20 allows the gamer to choose their own path. He says he started playing Xbox since he was 3. And a title card pops up showing Myth as a child with the words "3 year old Myth" displaying on screen. He connects his Galaxy Note20 to his Xbox Game Pass Ultimate controller displaying the seamless transition from console to mobile device. He speaks to how long he's been gaming on Xbox and how amazing it's been to watch the platform evolve. And he demonstrates to the camera how easy connecting his Xbox game to his Note20 via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is as the words "turn," "toggle" and "tap" display on screen in beat with his narration. He then throws to the narration, and the word "PLEASE!" displays on screen.*Screen image simulated. *Actual UI/UX may differ and are subject to change. He shows the breadth of games available, over 100, then opens up Gears 5 Ultimate Edition. He shows again how easy it is to transition back to console from mobile, then transitions back to mobile again so he can take his game outside. He comments on how seamless the transition is and how smooth the video is on his mobile device, showing off the capabilities of the Note20's connectivity and 120Hz display. And the video ends with the Samsung logo on screen.
*Paid subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate required. Game streaming (beta) available from September 15, 2020; requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, sufficient network speed, and supported controller (each sold separately). Controller may be needed to play some games from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Controller sold separately. Streaming limits apply. Catalog varies over time and by region. Requires optimal 5G connection.
Actual speed may vary depending on country, carrier, and user environment. Available in select markets.

**5G depends on network availability and region.

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