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Oct 25. 2016

Samsung J7 Prime and J5 Prime now available in the Saudi market


Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – October, 2016: Samsung Electronics announced that the all new Galaxy J5 Prime and J7 Prime are now available for consumers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The two new phones come with premium design, strong processors, and a large ram memory all under an affordable price tag. The new phones were launched in two different colors: metallic pink and metallic black.

Mr. KeeWon Park, General Manager of Samsung Saudi Arabia, stated that: “We are extremely proud of these devices as they bear the latest technologies Samsung has developed for its loyal users. We believe in a brighter future and providing the latest technology with the most affordable price to consumers across different segments of the community to reach all.”

“We have been very eager to releasing these two new products and we believe that they are made purely to thrill our consumers and give two devices that bind perfectly and naturally with the palm of the user’s hand, offering elegance, practicality and efficiency,” concluded park.

The Galaxy J5 Prime and J7 Prime are elegantly refined using stunning brushed metal with zero camera protrusion to ensure an overall ultra slim design. It’s enlarged screen features flowing curved edges for optimal viewing and comfortable single handed use. The all new devices feature speedier performance with enhanced RAM and ROM support allowing for smoother UI transitions and greater multitasking abilities. Smart manager does the thinking for the user by checking and optimizing handset status. The all new J5 Prime comes with a 1.4 GHz Quad Core CPU and a 2 GB RAM, while the J7 Prime comes with a 1.6 GHz Octa Core processor and a 3 GB RAM.

The two phones also feature a F1.9 lens that allows for bright images even in low light settings, its 13 MP camera ensures that beautiful images are captured with vivid detail. The wide selfie function together with its front camera allows more users to fit in group shots capturing beautiful scenery as meant to be seen. The palm of the user can be used to help take photos at ease.

For a better secure phone, the new J5 Prime and J7 Prime feature a quick and secure solution to make sure phone users are the only ones allowed to access the phone. Its touch-based fingerprint allows users to unlock their devices safely and within a second. On the other hand power has been extended on both devices given the J5 prime a 2400 mAH battery and the J7 prime a 3300 mAH battery. With longer lasting batteries, users can pack more multimedia and gamers can play more games. Power saving mode turns off all background running apps to drastically minimize battery consumption.

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