Tell me more about the features provided in PENUP

Last Update date : Sep 05. 2022

PENUP is our unique social network that lets users communicate with each other through art. Users from around the world can express thoughts, feelings, and share their lives through drawings created with the S Pen. PENUP provides several design tools and sketches so there’s always a way to make great art, regardless of your level. Here’s a closer look at some of the features you’ll enjoy with PENUP. 

PENUP profile screenshot and designs created with PENUP.

If you have spotted a great piece of work from another user, you can send them compliments or encouragement in their comments section. To learn more about another user, click on their account name to view their profile and see all their work or collections. If you like, you can leave a comment in their FanBook and follow them to receive updates in your feed. 

When you find a user that you would like to follow, simply click the “Follow” button on their profile. You can also follow certain tags if you want to keep up with a topic.

My Feed is your personal news feed, filled with your artwork as well as artwork from other users and tags you follow.

You can see popular artwork and artists, sorted by period, by selecting “Popular Today” on your Home screen. The popularity of certain posts is determined comprehensively based on factors such as the number of likes, comments, and hearts. 

The Collection section is a gallery made from your artwork or others. You can sort your collections based on a particular theme. 

The Hall of Fame is set up by the PENUP administrators who select active users known for producing the most creative artwork. To browse the Hall of Fame, click “Popular Today” on the Home screen, then select “Hall of Fame”. Keep creating, stay active in the PENUP community, and one day you could be the next user to enter the Hall of Fame. 

  • Drawing: Anyone can create sketches and drawings, easily and conveniently.
  • Colouring: Choose from an extensive range of pre-made designs to decorate with the colours that speak to you.
  • Live Drawing: Improve your drawing skills by watching video tutorials for sketching, drawing pictures, line art, and more.
  • Photo Drawing: Use photos to create drawings that bring your imagination to life.
  • Challenge: Compete with other users in themed challenges to see who can create the most innovative artwork.
  • Drawing Comments: Use drawings as comments to communicate with other artists in a fun way.

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