[REF] Why there is no water from the dispenser?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018

The failure of a water dispenser is generally caused by one of the following

conditions :


A. Your refrigerator is not connected to a water supply and the supply shut off.

     Check if the water supply valve is not turned on.


B. The display on the control panel is not set for water to come out.

      Press the dispenser button to cycle through the available settings: water,

ice crushed, ice cubed. Select water to dispense water.


C. Verify the Child Lock Off.

 (If on, Press and hold the Child Lock Button for 3 seconds)



D. Your water filter cartridge needs to be replaced.

The filter can get buildup of foreign particles and slow the water pressure. Try dispensing

water without the filter to see if the filter is the issue.


E. There is air in the system 


F. Verify there is sufficient water pressure (>15 psi) being supplied to the water line connection.

External water filters such as reverse osmosis type can reduce the water pressure to below the required levels.



Solution: After installation or changing the water filter dispense at least one gallon of water to remove any air from the lines.


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