[Galaxy S8/S8+]What to do if screen color appears reddish?

Last Update Date : May 10. 2018

Step 1. Tap Settings

S8/S8+ has applied Super AMOLED. Color is expressive and rich and can be more sensitive
to subtle color changes, and color accuracy is higher.  And, adaptive display mode of S8/S8+
automatically optimize the color range, saturation, and sharpness of your display.
As each user may have different preferred colors for super AMOLED, if you do not satisfy default
screen color, we recommend to adjust full screen color balance of your display to change the appearance
of white tones.




Step 2. Tap Display


Step 3. Tap Screen mode

sceen mode

Step 4. Adjust Full screen Color balance


Adjust full screen colors of display to Cool or Warm tone depending on your preference.






Step 5. Tap Advanced optios

Through Advanced options, you can also adjust each value of Red, Green, Blue color
for full screen color balance and this feature had been improved to optimize more broad
and detailed the color range, saturation and sharpness of display in comparison
of previous software version.





Tap Advanced optios

Step 6. Adjust the colors of the display

Adjust the colors of the display

Step 7. Tap Screen edge color balance

If further adjustment is needed near the edges after adjusting the full screen color balance, you can adjust the colors at the edges of the screen to change the appearance of white tones.





Tap Screen edge color balance 

Step 8. Adjust the color edge

Adjust the color edge

Step 9.

Adjust the colors at the edges of the screen. Optimizing screen edge colors may
take up 10 minutes and your device may restart up to 2 times to apply your adjustments.
Do not turn off or leave the screen during the optimization.




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