How to set up the S-Health app in Galaxy Alpha?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018

1. On the home screen tap “Apps”

2. Tap “S Health”

3. When the S health app opens, tap on “Next”,

4. Tap “Next” and then sign in Samsung account to back up and restore your health data to 

    and from the server.




5. Then when the Terms and conditions screen appears, tap in the box next to “I agree”,

     then tap “Next”.

6.  Select the Backup frequency


agree on terms of use 



7. When the Create Profile screen appears,  tap in the “name” box and enter your name.

    Then tap “Done”


8. Tap on the Gender icon, then use the up and down arrows on the screen to edit the Date of

    Birth to your birthday.If you do not wish to share your profile information with other S health

    users, tap in the box in the bottom left corner and then tap “Next”.

    The Body measurements screen will appear.


9. You can now enter your height and weight. If you want to change the units from feet and

    inches to centimetres tap in the box next to the height details.

    Then tap in the individual boxes and use to on screen keyboard to alter the information

    displayed. Enter your weight details then tap “Next”


enter body info 



10.Select your Activity Level, then tap on “Next”.


11. Now your profile has been created tap on “Start”. You can now begin using the S Health app.


12. Tap on “Heart Rate”


13. Tap on OK when the Information pop up screen appears.

      Note: If you have a Galaxy Gear device equipped with a Heart rate Monitor sensor,

      and you have used the Heart rate Monitor app your latest Heart Rate measurement will

      be displayed.


profile created 



14. To see your Heart rate data, tap on the “graph” icon in the corner of the screen.


15. Tap on the “Heart” icon to return to the previous screen.


16. To access S Health settings, tap on the Menu icon and then tap “Settings”.


17. Use the “back” key on your Galaxy Alpha to return to the S Health app main screen.


heart rate 



18. The S Health app is also equipped with a Pedometer. Tap on Pedometer.


19. Tap on Start to begin counting your steps as you move.


20. Tap on “Pause” to end.


21. Tap on “Ok” to exit the Pedometer.

      Note; To exit the Pedometer without stopping it counting use the back key.





22. The S Health app is also equipped with an Exercise feature that can help create your own

      Exercise routine. Tap on “Exercise”.


23. Tap on “Set Workout Goal” to access the menu for the different setting areas


24. You can edit to help you set up your own exercise program.




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