Note 9: What are the design new features?

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2020

The following shows how the Galaxy Note 9 was designed aesthetically.
Sleek Elegance and Exquisite Comfort

The exquisite diamond-cut metal frame projects an air of exclusivity with its elegant, clean
silhouette and sleek presence.


The symmetrical curves ensure a comfortable grip. Hold it, and discover what elegance feels like.


•An elegant silhouette with a sleek metal frame

•Symmetrical curves provide a comfortable grip

elegant design
Upscale Colors

The Galaxy Note9 comes in four premium colors.  Each color complements any ensemble - carry it with

professional attire or casual wear, a knapsack or a briefcase, and any number of playful accessories.

colors of note 9
Stylish Magic

The stylish new S-Pen is a perfect blend of trendsetting fashion accessory and practical

business tool. Take it out, start writing, and let your style show.


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