What is Smart Select Feature of the Air Command of Galaxy Note4?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018


Smart select allows you to collect content quickly.



smart select 



Collect your favorite images or videos, with related text and Web address and

any additional information about the item, and save them in one place using



How to Use?



1. Hover the pen over the screen and press the S pen button.




2. Select Smart Select


smart select 




3. Select the area you want to collect with the S Pen. You can share this

with other devices, paste them into other applications, or save them to Scrapbook.





4. If you tap the save to Scrapbook icon,

The content has been collected and saved in scrapbook directly.






5. If you want to keep the collected Items for later use, Tap the Collect icon.

You can share them with other devices, paste them into other applications on later


for later usage 



6. The item created is now shown as a floating icon on the screen.

When you return to Home screen, the icon keeps to display. You can move the icon location.


floating icon 




7. You can add and collect the additional items by tapping ‘+’ icon. Then,

the number to keep will increase(In this case, 1->2) and you can keep the

collected items for later use.


icon tap 



8. After you collect an item , you can retrieve collected content. 

For example,  for use on Message , Tap the Message




9. Tap the new message icon

new message icon 



10. Floating button will be shown.  To share your collected items with

other device, Tap and hold the keeping contents icon, and drag and drop 

to paste the message input area. Or, Tap this button to select each item.

floating button 



11. Attachments are inserted




12. To view your saved contents, Tap the Scrapbook on Apps



13. Tap on the Image saved you wish to use.

opem image saved 


14. Tap on the URL to further options





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