How to set up the video display/output options

Last Update Date : May 17. 2018


Refer to this information to know the way to setting up the video display/output options.
Firstly, You can get the information about Resolution according to the output mode.

    • Blu-ray Disc playback

    • DVD playback


    • In DVD playback, if both HDMI and Component jacks are connected and you select the Component 1080p, 1080i or 720p mode, the Display Setup menu will show the output resolution as 1080p, 1080i or 720p in the menu. The resolution is actually 480i.

    • This player has the HDMI Auto Detect Feature. When the player is first connected to a TV via HDMI, the player's output will be set automatically to HDMI.

    • If the HDMI Auto Detection feature does not work, you can't select the 1080p resolution or Movie Frame (24Fs).

    • The Blu-ray Disc must have the 24 frame feature in order to use the Movie Frame (24Fs) mode.

Progressive Mode

The Progressive Mode helps to improve picture quality when viewing 480i resolution DVD discs.

    • Auto : Select this to have the player automatically set the best picture for the DVD you're watching.

    • Video : Select this for the best picture from Concert or TV show DVDs.

Still Mode

Set the Auto, Field or Frame setting for the best possible still picture (pause mode) from a DVD.

    • Auto: Select this setting to have the player automatically display the best Still picture depending on the content.

    • Field Mode: Select this when pausing a scene with a lot of action.

    • Frame Mode: Select this to increase the resolution of the Still picture.

Screen Message

    • On : Displays messages related to operation mode.

    • Off : Does not display messages related to operation mode


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