Connect simply.
Control easily.

Cut the hassle of connecting devices the old-fashioned way. Your Smart TV automatically recognises each connected device and enables you to control the devices with just one remote.

Controling the One Master Remote Control
This video introduces the 'Auto Detection' feature and 'One Master Remote Control'. Your Smart TV automatically recognizes any connected device and shows the device name on the screen. Control these connected devices with the One Master Remote Control.


Just connect your devices directly to the Smart TV or One Connect Box and you'll automatically see the device name on screen. Finding the connected device you want just got so much easier.

Connecting HDMI cable to the Smart TV
4 Slide images showing examples of Auto Detection; (1) Connecting HDMI cable to the Smart TV, (2) Detecting device screen with caption "Detecting Device. You can easily control the detected device with your Smart Remote", (3) Blu-ray detected screen with Blu-ray. Blu-ray is successfully detected. Changing Source to Blu-ray. (4) Smart Hub UI with detected sources; TV, Cable Box, Blu-ray Player, Game Console, Connection Guide.

One Remote Control

Put the ultimate remote control in the palm of your hand and manage all your connected devices on one unit. You can even use the One Remote Control's voice command feature to call for Bixby.

One Master Remote Control and various remote controls with icons; Cable Box, Blu-ray Player, Game Console, TV, USB, Home Theater, PC.