Featuring Bixby on your Smart TV

Explore your Smart TV with the convenience of a voice assistant. Tell voice assistant to search, watch, or play various features for you.

What can Bixby do?

For starters, Bixby Voice Control makes your TV experience more dynamic and fun. Ask Bixby to look up your favorite content, or check the status of your IoT-connected devices. See how Bixby can change your life.

One Master Remote Control with Bixby icon and text boxes with examples of voice commands; "Turn on the bedroom light", "What's this song?", "Find [Game of Thrones]", "Is it likely to be raining today?", "Show me photos taken in September", "Show me popular action movies with [Dwayne Johnson]"

with Bixby

Think of Bixby as your best friend with the answers. Just press the MIC button on your One Remote Control and ask away. “How's the weather this week?” Bixby lets you know.

Video Alternative Text

with Bixby

Just back from a family trip? Gather around the Smart TV and say, "Show me my photos from last weekend." You will see exciting moments from the trip come alive.

your home
with Bixby

Want to check your refrigerator while watching TV on the couch? Just say, “Show me what’s in the fridge.”

The image is showing a man who is cooking and  the inside of fridge.