Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR
Installing Software

Check that your device is not on silent mode, then connect your device to the Gear VR.
Wait until you hear the voice prompting you to remove your device from the Gear VR.

3. The software installation will begin, Tab next, when prompted
Notice (Warning / EULA)
4. Read and agree to the health and safety warnings, and the terms and conditions in the End User license Agreement (EULA). Tab next.
Gear VR Setup Wizard
5. The default apps will now be installed.
Sign In Or Create an Account
6. Tab create account and follow the on screen instructions to create Oculus account.
If you already have an Oculus account, tab sign in
Install VR Apps
7. If you would like to install additional VR apps, tab Install Apps
You're ready!
8. When the software is installed, the Oculus Store app will appear on the Apps screen of the mobile device.