The Samsung International Warranty


In the event that warranty service is required on your Samsung Mobile Computer and you are located outside of the country where it was originally purchased, the local Samsung entity in the foreign countries listed below may be able to provide you with warranty service (labor or parts) for a period of one (1) year.
Any warranty services rendered shall be in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of the Samsung Mobile Computer Limited Warranty. Warranty services performed outside the country of purchase may take longer if parts are needed to repair.

How to get the international warranty service?

Customers who need to receive service internationally should follow the steps below:
The customer must contact Samsung’s contact center where the customer is located.
The contact center will perform troubleshooting. If it is determined that the unit requires repair, the contact center will arrange for service.
The customer must return the Samsung product to a Samsung’s authorized service center including any external hardware and Media along with proof of the purchase.
Please note some countries allow the customer to drop off the Samsung Mobile Computer at a Samsung authorized repair center while other countries only allow the product to be shipped.


The terms and the conditions of the warranty service may vary from country to country.
Customers requesting the international warranty service from a country not listed below shall be responsible for delivery of the Samsung Mobile Computer to the nearest International Warranty Center as advised the local Samsung Helpline. The customer shall be responsible for any shipping, customs and import and export charges. Samsung will pay return shipment only. The method of shipment of the Samsung Product shall be at Samsung’s discretion. Samsung will not be responsible for any damage caused in route to the international warranty center. Any damage caused in transit must be claimed back to the shipping provider.