DDR5 ushers in
data-centric innovation

DDR5 meets the demands of industries experiencing an enormous burst in data. A new level of speed, improved capacity, and bolstered reliability are packed into DDR5 to enhance overall system performance.
Samsung's memory technology propels the next era of planet-friendly innovation with power-saving DDR5.

An illustrative image of Samsung DDR5 chip above The Earth.

Breathtaking speed
for huge
real-time data

With exceptional transfer speeds of up to 7,200 Mbps, DDR5 effectively handles the ever-increasing demands of larger, more complex data workloads. DDR5 brings more than doubled increase in performance compared to DDR4, with double the burst length from 8 to 16, and double the banks from 16 to 32. The astonishing performance raises the ceiling on big data processing, while seamlessly handling 8K content.

An illustrative image of DDR5 with higher performance transfer speeds of up to 7,200 Mbps.

Twice the capacity
to fuel
industry innovation

Samsung's 10nm-class process and EUV technology enable chip units to leap from 16Gb to 32Gb. Doubling chip capacity means one module can provide up to 512GB, to fluidly handle huge simultaneous workloads,
with scalability for future innovation.

An image of float the Samsung DDR5 chip and variety of application images in the datacenter, with 'Up to 512GB, 2X capacity' typography.

Robust reliability
with a self-correcting solution

ODECC (on-die error-correction code) technology applied in DDR5 helps maintain secure and stable data reliability, to fully leverage powerful performance. ODECC virtually eliminates single bit errors for enhanced reliability even with the strenuous demands of big data.

An image of Samsung DDR5 chips are crossed against an image of 'Non ODECC, ODECC' typography written on graphic symbolized the data.

The energy-saving choice
to sustain our planet

DDR5 achieves 30% greater power efficiency than DDR4 through improved performance and power reduction. 
Replacing a data center's DDR4 with DDR5 saves power of up to 1TWh annually. The on-DIMM PMIC further boosts power management efficiency and power supply stability. It is the all-around sustainable choice for our environment.

An illustrative image of 'up to Power efficiency 30%' typography against an image of trees, mountain in the earth.