Accelerating the Tech Frontier

From next-generation supercomputing to AI and graphic intensive technologies, the state-of-the-art 8GB HBM Aquabolt from Samsung is high-bandwidth memory meticulously designed to dramatically increase performance and reduce power consumption from its predecessor HBM Flarebolt.

Layers of Powerful Performance

With just four Aquabolt packages in a system, performance can reach an astounding speed of 1.2 terabytes-per-second.
With the 20 percent performance improvement over legacy HBM2 product, Aquabolt delivers the highest 1024 I/O with 2.4 Gbps per pin speed
at 1.2V - making it the fastest data transmission speed for DRAM performance currently available from Samsung.
This powerful 307.2 GB/s data bandwidth per stack allows for a nearly 10x faster data transmission than the 8 gigabit (Gb) GDDR5 chip.

SAMSUNG 2 HBM Aquabolts are put on an electronic circuit. One of them is hovered and it leaves graphic layers represent its connection between SAMSUNG HBM Aquabolt and device. 1.2 TB/s Astonishing Speed, 10x Faster than GDDR5
* Samsung HBM2 Flarebolt's performance: 2.0Gbps at 1.35V
* HBM2 - GDDR5 data transmission speed calculation

-8GB HBM2 package's data bandwidth:
2.4Gbps per pin x 1024bit bus = 307.2GBps
  4 HBM2 package in a system:
307.2GBps x 4 = 1228.8GBps = approximately 1.2TBps
-8Gb GDDR5 die's data bandwidth:
8Gbps per pin x 32bit bus = 32GBps

Optimized Power Efficiency

Enhanced to conserve energy, the innovative Aquabolt internal design reduces write power consumption by approximately 20 percent,
interleave power by about 25 percent and read power usage by nearly 30 percent when compared to the previous generation.

SAMSUNG HBM Aquabolt in form of dam is shown and the features of Aquabolt are represented as waterfall; 20% Less Write Power, 25% Less Interleave Power, and 30% Less Read Power.

Enhanced Reliability

To reinforce thermal control and endurance, each cube of Aquabolt includes more thermal bumps than the previous HBMs and a new protective bottom layer to safeguard against errors and data loss that can be caused by pressure, shock, and particles from direct contact.

A clear layer comes out of SAMSUNG HBM Aquabolt and infographic describes the Protective Layer additionally covers Aquabolt.

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