Driving the Growth
of New Technologies

Samsung HBM Flarebolt revolutionizes memory by empowering high bandwidth,
swift data transfer, advanced graphics and next-gen networking in small form factors.

Moving to the Next Level of HPC

- 8x faster than GDDR5
- 1TB/s system memory bandwidth

Samsung’s HBM Flarebolt delivers the fastest performance, increased 1,024 I/O and 1TB/s of system memory bandwidth with 256 GB/s via 8 channels. The HBM Flarebolt’s record-setting data transmission meets the rising market demands of the new IT industry, such as AI and Machine Learning.

Samsung Semiconductor DRAM HBM2, Fastest performance, 1,024 I/O Bandwidth, 1 TB/S System Memory

Proven Reliability with Lower Power

- 20% improved power efficiency

With 20% less power consumption compared to 1.5V of GDDR5, Samsung HBM Flarebolt’s 1.3V operating voltage makes control of power consumption significantly more effective.

Samsung Semiconductor DRAM HBM Flarebolt, 20% Lower Power Consumption

Highly Condensed Package

- Design flexibility with 8GB per cube
- 94% less PCB space used

The integral design, combining stacked memory and CPU/GPU, accomplishes massive space saving over GDDR5. The Samsung HBM Flarebolt occupies 94% less space compared to GDDR5 and presents the perfect solution for the sleekest of small form factors.

Samsung Semiconductor DRAM HBM2, 94% Less PCB Space Used

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