The future of mobile storage: UFS 3.1

This is flash storage engineered to keep up with the growing demands of 5G. Up to a terabyte of storage and incredible write speeds are packed into a slim form factor perfect for mobile devices and automotive solutions. That means less buffering and more space — so you can take full advantage of revolutionary 5G-enabled products.

This is the Samsung UFS 3.1 1TB chip. Below the tip is an image of several lines connected together, and behind the chip is an apartment and a foreground.

Made to Excel in 5G

The connection speed of 5G data is leaps and bounds ahead of what came before, enabling high-capacity data processing.

The UFS 3.1 is storage optimized for 5G-capable devices, meeting the demands for more storage, more speed, and more control.

Powerful mobile performance

To meet the needs of 5G devices, UFS 3.1 offers write speeds up to 3x faster than the previous generation of Universal Flash Storage. At 1,200MB/s, this drive enhances high performance and helps prevent buffering when downloading files so you can enjoy the low-latency connectivity of 5G in an ever-connected world.

Write Speed

Up to 1,200MB/s

* Write Speed may vary by capacity: Up to 850MB/s for 128GB,
Up to 1,200MB/s for 256GB and 512GB.

This is Samsung UFS 3.1 1TB chip image. On the back of the chip, the chip is connected in blue and is being utilized.
This is a Write Speed infographic image of Samsung UFS 3.1 chip image.

Experience incredible
JEDEC standard speeds

Bolstered by JEDEC standards, the UFS 3.1 offers high-performing storage with serious speed.

It's thanks in part to Write Booster, a technology that amplifies write speed to help save your media as fast as you can download it.

* Sequential Write

Memory for your memories

As photo and video experiences exponential advances in technology, the devices you capture with need a storage capacity to keep up. UFS 3.1 boasts up to 1TB of storage — giving you space to spare.



This is the image of Samsung UFS 3.1 1TB chip. Behind the chip, the image playback image and the image of several lifestyle images are shown.

Massive power in a tiny form factor

To fit into a variety of devices, the UFS 3.1 is engineered to be a mere 0.8mm tall. This gives ample room to fit all the hardware necessary for 5G connectivity while still implementing fast, vast storage space.

* 0.8mmT applies to 128GB capacity only.

Image showing the thickness difference between UFS 3.0 and UFS 3.1 images.

Engineered for your 5G lifestyle

The UFS 3.1 can be found in automotive solutions to enhance your driving experience, storing navigation systems, machine learning, and other technology that makes your car smart. It's also utilized in other 5G-connected mobile devices that requires fast, massive storage, like AR/VR, and recording devices. Whether in your car or at home, the UFS 3.1 is capable of taking on your high-speed, high-capacity needs.

It's an image of a car driving on the road, a man wearing VR, a person holding a cell phone, and a person holding a hologram of a car.

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