2018. 11
The Mediation Committee announces the settlement plan, which both Samsung and SHARPS officially accepted at a press conference.


2018. 07
Samsung and SHARPS agree to accept a settlement plan to be made by the Mediation Committee.


2018. 04
The Ombudsman Committee announces results of the audit on Samsung’s semiconductor facilities.


2017. 05
The Family Committee visits the Onyang site to examine current EHS practices and provide empirical insight.

The Ombudsman Committee holds a forum on “The Environment and Health in the Electronics Industry” to share its progress and receive input from industry experts.


2016. 07
The Ombudsman Committee begins inspection of Giheung site.


2016. 06

The Ombudsman Committee is launched to carry out an overall audit of Samsung Electronics’semiconductor facilities and develop plans to improve health and safety conditions.


2016. 01
Samsung Electronics, Family Committee and Supporters for the Health and Rights of People in the Semiconductor Industry agrees to establish an independent, third-party Ombudsman Committee.

Samsung Electronics CEO meets with the Family Committee to convey condolences for their hardships.


2015. 09
Samsung Electronics forms financial aid committee with representatives from affected families and starts application process for fund distribution.


2015. 08

Samsung Electronics responds to the third-party committee’s proposal by creating a company-run fund of KRW 100 billion.



Third-party committee releases proposal, asking Samsung Electronics to spend KRW 100 billion in establishing an independent foundation.


2014. 12

Mediation meetings begin, overseen by a third-party mediating committee. In-depth hearings and assessments for proposals from respective parties are conducted.


2014. 06

Samsung Electronics begins discussions with families and concerned parties on its workplace safety.


2012. 06

Environ presents study results at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce).


2012. 03

Environ presents study results at the International Commission of Occupational Health.


2012. 02

Ministry of Employment and Labor announces results from its work environment study.


2011. 07

Environ announces results of work environment study.

*Press conference was held with Samsung’s CEO and Environ on the results of the study and Samsung’s expanded health programs are introduced.


2010. 06 - 2011. 06

Environ review begins.

*Prior to the review (Apr. 2010), members of the press were invited on site for a briefing and tour, which included a tour of the manufacturing line.


2010. 04

Samsung Electronics establishes the Samsung Health Research Institute for long-term research on employee health and safety in its semiconductor fabrication facilities.


2009. 06 - 2009. 12

Semiconductor industry health management evaluation recommended by the Labor Ministry is conducted.


2008. 12

KOSHA announces results from its study.


2008. 04 - 2008. 10
KOSHA conducts epidemiological study (6 semiconductor companies in Korea, including Samsung).


2007. 04 - 2007. 12

Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) conducts epidemiological study on Samsung’s semiconductor lines.