Mobile processor for 5G and AI era
To redefine the next smartphone innovation in the digital convergence, Samsung Exynos Processor with cutting edge technologies is ready to support the industry’s biggest requirements for artificial intelligence, powerful performance, incredible power efficiency and 5G connection.
Smartphone is the center of digital convergence, one of the biggest trends in 5G era. While a smartphone has offered life enriching experiences by itself in the past, it is now used in conjunction with various devices and diverse ecosystem, such as wearable, automotive and smart home, to deliver next generation of user experiences. To fully engage in this new trend, powerful performance with fast and reliable connectivity is essential to process various tasks requested from connected devices while being very power efficient for long usage time.
Angled side view of smartphone with IoT symbols Angled side view of smartphone with IoT symbols
Performance & Efficiency: Two side of a coin
The fundamental rule of developing mobile technology is satisfying two requirements, performance and efficiency, at once. As a leader of the mobile processor industry, Samsung has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to delivering higher performance and better power efficiency with Exynos processor for incredible user experience.
Top view of Exynos processor with Performance and Efficiency icons Top view of Exynos processor with Performance and Efficiency icons
Top view of Exynos processor with Performance and Efficiency icons Top view of Exynos processor with Performance and Efficiency icons
FinFET Process
By adopting 3D FinFET structure on transistors, Exynos Processor has continuously delivered performance and efficiency by overcoming the scaling limitations of the conventional planar structure. FinFET technology enables to shrink process node under 14nm while effectively reducing or blocking current leakage for faster speed along with better power efficiency.
Custom CPU
Through a completely clean sheet design, Samsung’s new custom CPU core offers higher single and multi-thread performance while using less energy. To develop the custom CPU core, Samsung licensed ARMv8 ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) and designed the micro-architecture from scratch, including branch prediction unit, fetch, decode, dispatch and execution units to make the best mobile CPU core to date.
Multi-core technology
Exynos Processor has led the multi-core trends in mobile industry. Exynos is the industry’s first mobile processor to adopt big.LITTLE processing with heterogeneous multi-processing (HMP) solution. It enables optimal combination of big and LITTLE cores for perfect balance of performance and efficiency.
Graphic Processing Technology
Exynos Processor features advanced GPU to offers a whole new level of high-end mobile graphic capabilities. For next generation gaming or 3D graphic experience, such as mobile VR, the Exynos Processor features cutting-edge graphic processing technology that supports advanced graphic API while drastically reducing the energy consumption.
Video Processing Technology
Exynos Processor features advanced MFC(Multi-format codec) for encoding and decoding video in multiple format. With power efficient video codec such as HEVC, users are able to record and enjoy video playback in high resolution for long period of time.
Image Signal Processor
To overcome the limitation of a small sized optical components, an advanced ISP offers diverse features to enhance the quality of photo and video. It controls the operation of camera as well as improves quality of photo with features like auto focus, color and dynamic range. The latest Exynos processors feature Dual ISP to support next generation camera use cases such as dual camera and to improve energy efficiency.
Fast and reliable connectivity
Now that smartphone users are demanding more, connectivity is fast becoming a hot topic for the future of mobile computing. As the demand for higher data throughput in mobile broadband grows, Exynos processors integrate 5G cellular modem and diverse connectivity features for faster and reliable communication and data transfer.
Samsung Exynos Smartphone, 5G Modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS Samsung Exynos Smartphone, 5G Modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS
5G Modem
Samsung Exynos processor integrates 5G multi-mode modem to support latest 5G specifications with major network bands and modes worldwide. With Carrier Aggregation and MIMO technology, Exynos processor enables user to enjoy amazingly fast network speed for the next generation mobile experience.
With cellular modem, Samsung Exynos Processor integrates Wi-Fi connectivity so that smartphone switches network connection between cellular mode and Wi-Fi depending on quality of network resulting in faster and reliable data transfer with better power efficiency.
Exynos Processor has integrated Bluetooth, wireless technology standard for devices within short distances. With Bluetooth, Exynos processor allows smartphone to connect to other devices, systems or IoT services at low power consumption.
Exynos processors integrate GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) feature that supports diverse systems including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. By using longitude, latitude, and altitude information, users will not only enjoy navigation but also various location-based mobile services based on user’s specific location. Notably, with more detailed location information gathered by analyzing Wi-Fi access points, advanced indoor positioning services are also feasible.

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