Smarter processor
that makes a smartwatch
to be wearable
To design attractive smartwatch, mobile processor should ensure that advanced features could be available by using lower energy within small and slim size. Samsung Exynos Processor specifically designed for smartwatch has realized the ultra-low power consumption in ultra-mini size with ultra-advanced functionalities.
Smartwatch industry is expanding its market by breaking the prejudice consumers have on design, battery life and functionality.
Smartwatch manufacture wants to have design flexibility for make futuristic or traditional watch design. And great power efficiency for longer battery life is also needed with 27/4 connectivity for diverse use cases. Furthermore, smartwatch needs to adopt a new kind of wearable feature such as payment, home automation, wellness and healthcare with great ease.
Illustration of smartwatch Slim Design, Longer Batter Life and Functionality icons
Design as a fashion,
Battery life as a gadget
Smartwatch should have great design as a fashion item and longer battery life as a wearable. For battery life, improving power efficiency of chip is important while extending a space for battery pack. With reducing power consumption by process node innovation, smaller chip size also helps to extend the battery space.
Smartwatch with watch bands laid out
14nm FinFET process
for efficiency and size
Samsung launched the industry’s first 14nm FinFET process-based processor dedicated to wearable in 2016. With innovative 3D structure of FinFET, the chip reduces current leakage drastically resulting in longer battery life and smaller chip size enables smartwatch to feature bigger battery pack.
SiP-ePoP Package
For smartwatch industry, Samsung developed SiP-ePoP package that integrates power management IC, memory and mobile processor into the single package. With special heat-resistant properties, low power process and wearable dedicated power IC, Samsung Exynos Processor offers small size and slim z-height of package for slicker watch design and bigger battery space.
Stay connected,
Remain contented
Samsung Exynos Processor offers diverse connectivity features including cellular modem, WiFi, Bluetooth and GNSS for smartwatch user to stay connected at anywhere and anytime.
Cellular Modem, WiFi, Bluetooth and GNSS icons Side view of smartwatch
LTE Modem
The integrated LTE-Advanced modem enables smartwatch to be always connected as a standalone device. The latest Exynos 7 Dual supports LTE Cat.4 with a downlink of 150Mbps and uplink of 50Mbps as well as worldwide broadband so that user can text, call or access to internet without tethering to smartphone or connecting to Wi-Fi.
With integrated Wi-Fi, smart watch can access data network without cellular network or tethering with smartphone. And thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy, it also can be tethered or paired with other gadgets including smartphone by consuming lower energy. GNSS enables to use location based wearable experience such as fitness tracker. Furthermore, FM radio feature is also integrated for the market where radio function is essential.
Advanced functionality
with great ease
Exynos Processor is optimized for wearable not only with its compact design and wide range of connectivity and features but also in processing performance and OS support.
Samsung Exynos Smartwatch Application,  CPU, GPU, OS, Reference platform
Optimal Performance
Since the performance doesn’t need to be powerful as much as smartphone, Samsung Exynos Process offers optimal processing and graphic performance through 64-bit multi-core CPU and optimized GPU having perfect balance of performance and power efficiency.
OS Support
Samsung Exynos Processor for smartwatch supports major operating systems including Android based OS for manufacturers to design leading edge products based on popular OS and its ecosystem.
Reference Development Platform
For easier and faster development, Samsung provides a reference platform to enables manufacturer to test and optimize its device with less time and resources for faster time to market.

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