Bringing Families Together: Naver Labs’ AKI with the Exynos 7 Dual

June 5, 2018

Fashion and technology have found a happy marriage with the advent of wearable devices. Wearables have enabled us to track our health, work more efficiently, and enjoy entertainment in new ways. Now Naver Labs, an ambient intelligence company in Korea, is finding a way to bring the wearable experience to an all new audience: kids and families.

Naver Labs’ AKI is a family-friendly wearable watch designed to help bring families together and give parents peace of mind about their children’s safety. Inside the device is the Samsung Exynos 7 Dual (7270), a dedicated processor designed specifically for wearables. From its dual-core CPU, to its integrated LTE modem, the processor built on 14nm FinFET process packs power into a tiny package that is changing the way families interact.

'AKI logo, Exynos logo and AKI pink color with Exynos 7 Dual 7270; Ambient Intelligence for Kids

Giving Parents Peace of Mind

Keeping an eye on your little ones can be difficult at times, but the AKI is making the job a lot easier. The device provides parents with information on where their children are at any time and can send alerts when their kids are somewhere they shouldn’t be or are doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

The device uses Naver Labs’ own W-Fi Positioning System (WPS), which provides the exact location of the device, even indoors. The watch can also detect activity and classify movement and can see exactly what the child is doing. Over time, it learns the child’s daily routine by analyzing the typical places they visit and at what time. If there are any abnormalities in their routine, parents will receive an alert to their phone.

Enabling these features is the Exynos 7270’s integrated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solution for location-based services. The chip also features Wi-Fi with Bluetooth connectivity that enables the watch to tether to another device, or to give Wi-Fi-based location services more accuracy. The low power consumption, thanks to the 14nm FinFET processor, also means the device can stay on for long periods of time so that parents can always check in on their little ones without worrying about battery depletion.

Keeping Families Connected and Secure

Keeping track of your kids is one thing, but with the AKI you can also check in with a quick call. The device comes equipped with a speaker phone and Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) for enhanced call quality. Behind this is the Exynos 7270’s Cat. 4 LTE modem that enables the device to stay connected at all times.

Thanks to the Exynos processor, your child’s data remains safe through ARM TrustZone hardware-based security, which separates non-secure and secure software from accessing the same resources directly. This ensures the AKI encrypts all of its data and only parents can access their child’s information.

Designed With Kids in Mind

With a kid-centric design, the AKI puts durability, function, and fun first. Kids can choose from multiple, bright-colored straps and one of four adorable dog emojis to adorn its 1.2inch AMOLED touch screen. Powering the graphics on display is the Mali-T720 graphics processing unit (GPU) of the Exynos 7270, so the entertaining dog emoji’s really come to life.

With a silicon strap for a comfortable fit and a refined metal frame, the colors and materials are beautifully matched resulting in cute, yet highly exclusive design. Furthermore, the AKI has a water-resistant rating of IP68, so kids don’t need to take off the watch even in swimming pools. The device is also tested for skin stimulation, high-temperature and humidity for safety and reliability.

Front and back view of AKI pink color

Thanks to the Exynos 7270’s SiP-ePoP package, which includes the processor memory, and power management IC in a 10x10mm package, the AKI is able to keep a distinctive, flexible and slim design that is both functional and comfortable.

Helping Children Learn

More than just a tracking device, Naver Labs has also seized learning opportunities made possible by its intelligent software with the Exynos processor inside of the AKI. Capable of processing speeds up to 1.0GHz, the Exynos 7270 enables the AKI to offer advanced features that kids can interact with through voice command. The CLOVA, for example, is an intelligent personal assistant service, and the Papago, a multilingual machine translation cloud service helps kids study second languages. With intelligent software, the AKI is even capable of translating speech in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

Kid holding a pen with AKI blue color on the wrist

The AKI can also help parents keep their kids on track. Using the app on their phone, parents can manage the settings on their child’s device, such as enabling concentration mode while their child is in school to minimize distractions from the watch and help their kids focus on studying without interruption.

Naver Labs designed the AKI based on its ambient intelligent philosophy and technology and the device is currently available in Korea. What do you think of the AKI with the Exynos 7270 processor? Tell us over on Facebook. or Twitter.